Saturday, June 2, 2012 Part 3 - BRAMSTOCKER weblettter. On Youtube: Extend My Love (2004) from MOSCOW'S STOCKER and the compilation BEST CREDIT CARDS. This is the third video of Frederic Vidal in 2012 and the composition demo of an old song of the band BRAMSTOCKER, EXTEND MY LOVE, that was previously a Hit in America (in the novel SPACE TIME SCIENCE FICTION - STSF). Vidéo de Bramstocker enregistrée à l'aide d'une webcam le 3 juin 2012, 01:20 PM. Frederic on Facebook : mikefullerphd. A production by Post Scriptum (a Timeframes LLC company). A song dedicated to Jesus. The song is ASCAP and SACEM. On Youtube: Extend my Love (2004). BRAMSTOCKER Webletter, a Beta version until June 15.

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