Thursday, June 21, 2012 ): BRAMSTOCKER™: le hard rock est forcément le stade le plus avancé de la musique Pop bien que la Progressive et le Hip Hop soient aussi en avance sur leur temps. The hard rock is all about a heavy sound and some people don't like it. It can be parents, it can be children. If you like classical music, you can like hard rock, it is not incompatibe thanks to the melodies. This is the most important thing: the melody of a son or a piece of music (instrumental). The difference is the sound of the guitar (with the strengthening of the keyboards), a distorsion of the natural one, result of an electronic process as the electric guitar (with mikes) is connected to the amp. Some prefer violins for the sonic environment of the vocals, some prefer fuzz guitars to create a wave of energy to boost the melody and send some nice electricity feeling to the population on the radio, in the bars or at home. I am not against violins but I use the second system to wake up the audience, it is emblematic of the rock'n roll music that also use guitars without distorsion, this is a third solution. So, the sound of BRAMSTOCKER™ is hard and rock but guests are welcomed to develop another ambition : UNITY of different traditions. Hip Hop and Soul but also progressive are a part of this project. Editor-in-chief: Frederic Vidal (6/21/2012). WORDPRESS: THE INTER-LETTERS.

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