Thursday, June 14, 2012 Control of the American radios for the Desobamization. The radios must be better controlled in America as the propaganda of the White House is a danger for democracy. Obama and his wife are the masterminds of a brainwashing organized to impose their image in the population. This is intolerable and the music on the air must struggle against this ideology of a tsar more than a star by following the strategy of BRAMSTOCKER, itself inspired by Lech Walesa’s Solidarity who succeeded to erase the tyranny and the dictatorship in Poland last century. Every band must think about it, liberty or obeisance before to write a new song and their interviews will support this NO PRESSURE PROGRAM in order to get more oxygen in our cultural atmosphere. BRAMSTOCKER (June 14, 2012), Beta Version. Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

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