Wednesday, June 20, 2012 BLOCKBUSTER (Movies, Timeframes, Intervision(tm) and Hollywood): Louis XIV, the first CAESARS Intervision(tm) production. Louis the Fourteen was the greatest monarch in France even if others are very important too. His direction of the Country is spectacular and building a modern era for France in Europe, leading the people for a lot of improvement in their social and personal life. It is the reason why we are interested by his person to be the subject of a first chapter of the Intervision(tm) saga, the CAESARS, a decentralized Hollywood production showing the evolution of Roma, from the Ancient Times to the present ones, including the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance. Another Louis (same family) has been the victim of a Revolution, the objective of this film is to have the truth about the historic reasons of a government success with a dynasty member. THE INTER-LETTER first available on WORDPRESS. Follow the link: for the 5 daily news (Breakthrough, Blockbuster, Bramstocker, French Post, The Noise - Le Bruit). This is the Monday 19 edition, an updated and upgraded version of 5 newsletters, part of the I-Letter(tm). Editor-in-chief: Frederic Vidal.

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