Wednesday, June 13, 2012 Boys band, BRAMSTOCKER is another Solidarnosc. So many young people waiting for good music, it means also looking for democracy with more networks and reasons to believe in it. BRAMSTOCKER ASSOCIATION created in Nice, France in 1979 and emblematic of a new style of society like Solidarnosc in Poland, changes its name after the first wave of 1977 rock punk and the creation of the orchestra BRAMSTOCKER™. The non-profit is now titled INTERVISION™ with the goal to popularize the principle of the Information Age (newspapers, television, communities, cinema together on the same smart monitor™, a TV one). The future of the Internet is not only a question of business but also a cultural and social program managed by Frederic Vidal from France before his comeback in August in the United States. Meanwhile, the TIMEFRAMES office in Europe, Post Scriptum is in progress with a 6 hours theater marathon film about a family man, possibly with Jean Dujardin for a 3d tour de force about real France. BRAMSTOCKER (June 13, 2012), Beta Version. Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

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