Wednesday, June 20, 2012 FRENCH POST(Franchise, French Cop, Science Fiction and Culture): Yvonne Strahovski. She is the nice girl of the American dream (part 2) , for the kids and the parents still teenagers. In Chuck, her role is to explain to the lead what is it all about secret services, bad and nice guys, stories to live (thanks to the screenwriters). We want her in new parts on the American TV (numeric) and the Intervision(tm) Post-Web. This could be fantastic for our franchises including the first and only FRENCH COP(tm) we are developing now in a piece of theater. Yvonne is from Australia with a personality involved in different human groups offering us an alternative to the regular famous actors environment. So, let’s do it, being in touch with Mrs. Strahovski for a future contract welcoming her in the Mike Fuller(tm) Universe, the America of the 2010′s. THE INTER-LETTER first available on WORDPRESS. Follow the link: for the 5 daily news (Breakthrough, Blockbuster, Bramstocker, French Post, The Noise - Le Bruit). This is the Tuesday 19 edition, an updated and upgraded version of 5 newsletters, part of the I-Letter(tm). Editor-in-chief: Frederic Vidal.

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