Wednesday, June 20, 2012 BREAKTHROUGH (Elections, Campaigns, Government and Policies): Romney, Schwarzenegger, more to come about American Syndrom of political stardom. John Boehner is the metteur-en-scène. France, Spain and Great-Britain were the owners of the land before the present United States. The Bush anti-legacy. Etat de siège in California. Mitt Romney is really a leader who needs to be helped. His program and his declarations are not operational and they express some troubles. I think he will be better with a trusteeship of the party and a personnal guardianship maybe, a semi-control probably in order to be sure that he won’t be dysfunctional anymore for our doctrine and his career as WE HAVE TO WIN in November or in January if the election is delayed (a crisis is always possible). The same for Tampa where we could be back mid-September if we are not satisfied by the August convention, Augustus, the first Roman Emperor was too tough and his legacy did not last forever. THE INTER-LETTER first available on WORDPRESS. Follow the link: for the 5 daily news (Breakthrough, Blockbuster, Bramstocker, French Post, The Noise - Le Bruit). This is the Monday 19 edition, an updated and upgraded version of 5 newsletters, part of the I-Letter(tm). Editor-in-chief: Frederic Vidal.

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