Friday, June 15, 2012 PREVIEWS. The 5 are NOT ANYMORE A BETA VERSION. Tonight. The newsletters of the day, Friday, 15 2012. The last day of campaign in our brother-Country. 1. Breakthrough: the Mitt Romney accident in France is a definitive one for the Presidency and even his candidacy. 2. Blockbuster: Revolution for two, a sequel of 1789, the History Year, 24 months after 1787 in USA. A couple in love witness of Robespierre and Danton in Paris organizing the terror. 3. Bramstocker: The International social network connected to the Web for a planetary music, a Punk destiny of the Planet. A recommandation. 4. The NOISE (le bruit): the definition of the mission of the new Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs in France. 5. French Post (the first issue 5th letter): the news of FRENCH COP(tm), the franchise inspired by Vincent Sauvan. Tomorrow, the writing of a Play of the first episode: First Fight, an additional feature. Editor-in-chief (is the same): Frédéric Vidal. An Evidence Publishing. A Post Scriptum publication. A Timeframes LLC enterprise.

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