Thursday, June 21, 2012 ): BREAKTHROUGH™: France's UMP is the major loser of the election day, last Sunday. What does that mean? The government is confirmed with no change as the results of the National Assembly election was on Sunday the positive warning that the President, François Hollande, is still the most popular decidor of the Country. It's a little a no news and a bad confirmation for those that wanted and needed some change at the head of the State, for more reforms probably and an attractivity of the Ayrault's team missing right now. But the chaos at the UMP, the other dominant Party, is going on. Xavier Bertrand, one of its exciting leaders, was defeated for the Presidency of the Assembly's group. The previous Prime minister, François Fillon, is still the real main man of this right union (UMP) againts Jean-François Copé, the big boss of the party, not personally responsible of a huge defeat that is a definitive one ? Who knows, everything's possible in France as there are very important local elections and a possibility of dissolution of the National Assembly. The ex-President Nicolas Sarkosy is now a member of the Conseil Constituionnel. It can help. Editor-in-chief: Frederic Vidal (6/21/2012). WORDPRESS: THE INTER-LETTERS.

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