Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Wash. DC, the Congress has no time to wait for the vote of a Program BOOSTING THE ECONOMY with more Jobs in the Industry! D Day in 2011!
Terrorism: on Youtube, Vidal supported Peace against Al-Qaida that must understand THEY LOST THE WAR and their time! NO VIOLENCE vs the USA!
Blake & Fred was a Reality Show not accepted by Lively's management but the opinion used to dream about it! Too late! Fred not interested anymore!
Frederic Vidal is single. His Web Love Story with Blake Lively is over since Sept 16! No Gossip Girl anymore! His Girlfriend is the Constitution! Wedding soon!, New Central for my Micro-Blogging with Diffusion on dozens of Social Media's sites! Spider Marketing and Internet family!
Press conference of Frederic Vidal tomorrow Monday in Sacramento at 2pm in front of the Sacramento Bee! This bee can fly, it's not a bug!
We don't want a Boxer in Washington, Policy is not sport, the Senate is not Las Vegas! Vote 4 the Webber!
Who will win November 2? Brown or Whitman? Nightingale maybe. There is a wind of change in Sacramento thanks to you, webbers and voters!
The French helped us to have this Country independent then they decided to support the British until now. I prefer America!
Watch my Internet and TV ad on Youtube: Dedicated to my supporters!
This is Halloween, time to prepare the change we need for Tuesday! Let's be creative!
New Policy for the Congress with no more Bush-Obama crisis but post-American dream strategy with Secretary of the Arts ready for the Internet Civilization!
Secretary of the Arts: This is the Goal of this Midterm election for the Internet community! We need a Culture and Communication administration in DC!
The dissolution of the Screen Actors Guild and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce are the objective now that we are preparing a better organization of the Entertainment Industry. The US Congress must vote a Law creating a special organization for Actors and Entrepreneurs monitored by the brand new Secretary of the Arts to be operational in 2011, ASAP because the crisis is not over (MGM filed for bankruptcy last month and NBC Universal needs better than Comcast). I am Frederic Vidal, US Senate candidate for California and I send you my best for Halloween!!

Frederic Vidal for TV Diffusion (US Senate Campaign - California)