Monday, October 22, 2012

It was a complete Debate of American Democracy.
"I ask for your vote. Thank you so much." Romney. Good. more human.
Closing statements. "If I have the privilege to be again your President." Obama. "We'll make the world a Safer place." Romney. GOOD JOBS. Washington is broken.
Romney as the challenger. Speaks to Obama. Obama interested. R.: "It's just a tragedy (last 4 years). So critical to make America most attractive place in the world (again).
9:22pm. China again. Nothing new. What about Europe, France? Obama plays the President now. Guiding. Romney waits. TRADE RELATIONS. Romney: "I was born in Detroit. CARS." Enough to be attacked.
Where is the Nobel Prize? The Army speaks. 2 men tired. "Let's talk about China." says Romney. PARTNER. Blah blah blah.
Obama more calm. He does not look at Romney. 9:15pm. "This Nation, Me, my Administration." Offensive, military. Appears to be at war.
Obama: "Put Americans back to work, especially our Veterans." TRANSITION IN AFGHANISTAN. The two men are very concentrated.
O.: "When we killed Bin Laden." 4:05pm. Schieffer: "Do we still leave?" R.: "we finish in 2014 (Afghanistan)."
Obama: "I see our trade deficit with China. I don't see our influence increasing around the world." BECAUSE OF THE PRESIDENT. Well done.
Obama: "The central question at this point is gonna be who is going to be credible?" You, obviously, Sir.
Romney: he's better than six months ago. The campaign is a good training. He is Ok with Obama about Iran. Nothing new. But Barack criticizes him. "THIS IS NOT TRUE!" Let the American people decide.
Iran. No nuclear weapons. Obama: "we hope." "I'm glad that G. Romney agrees." They appear to have the same policy?
Romney listens to the master. This is the real candidates debate. Schieffer: "I'd like to move." O.: "Israel is a true friend." No attack accepted.
9:40pm. "Gov. R., he doesn't want to spend (enough) in military spendings." Proud to be. "The map simply doesn't work." Didactic.
O.: "Governor Romney..." He's criticizing him on several points. "That is not good for American position in the World."
Obama: not a lot to say. Keywords continue in the mouth of Romney. On a cloud.
Romney: "For us to promote this principle of peace needs TO BE STRONG." Mitt's inspired by international matters. "America must lead." Not possible with bad economy. Obama waits.
O.: "We gonna make sure that we finish the job." R.: "I don't want our Military involved in Syria." 2 machines, 2 communications. The Us decide? Too optimistic.
9:18pm. Romney:" Syria plays an important role in the Middle-East. Syria to remove Assad is a highly priority for us." Obama smiles like a teacher.
Mitt: "Attacking me is not on the agenda."
"Tumult", "chaos" says Romney. And Obama attacks him, strong. Too strong?
Romney: "a number of disturbing events." Obama listens. Focused. "We can't kill our way out of this mess." 'We must have a comprehensive strategy." Obama: "Al Qaeda co-leadership has been disseminated."
Bob Schieffer (CBS): "Gentlemen, let's begin!"
They are here, for the last time.
9pm : In 4 minutes.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
10:39: Romney: "I'm a guy who wants to help with the experience I have of the American People". God. Olympics. Obama: 'I believe Governor Romney is a good man". Martial. Insisting. "I want to make sure that the next generation wil have the same opportunities". Candy: "thank you". END.
10:31: Romney lyrical. "Making America the most attractive place in the world for business". Obama still in a bad mood. Candy last question: "bring manufacturing back here?" Romney: America. Obama interrupting. "These some jobs that will never come back".
10:23: Romney with the mic speaks to Candy. Obama: "importance of the parents, importance of school" about violence with guns. "the reforms we put in place are ones of the toughest, started to succeed". Directing, Candy stopping him.
4:17: Romney: "On the day after the attack, he was on the Rose Garden. It took two weeks to the President after he called the attack on Benghazi an act of terror". Obama with angry eyes. He's coming closer to Romney.
4:06: Romney creating the event: "Mr. President did you look to your pension?" Obama: "Let me talk about our diplomats because they serve all around the world." Obama wants to show he's the President and Romney just a Past-Governor.
4:00: Romney: "This is a Nation of immigrants. We welcome legal immigrants in this Country. We gonna have to stop illegal immigration." Obama: "it's good for our economic growth. They start new businesses. Romney called, during the Primary, the Arizona law, a model for the Nation." Romney: no.
9:52: Obama proud of his first term "And I did", Bin laden is dead, "you should pay attention this campaign." Invest in education. Romney promises. Romney: Unemployment: 5.4%. 9 millions americans without work. "President was unable to do what he said he do."
9:40: Romney about women. People very focused on his face. "What we can do to help young women and women of all ages, it's to have a strong economy." Obama arrives. A little tired. "In my healthcare bill", Contraception, "these are not only women issues, these are family issues."
9:31: Obama criticizes Romney. Romney more positive. "Poverty". "Energy independence in 5 years of America." Obama attacks again: "Governor Romney wants" "How you gonna do it?" "Governor Romney was a very successful investor." His plan too expensive.
9:23: Romney insists to speak again. At the center of the stage. Question of a spectator. Obama drinks water. Mitt: "I want to help people of the middle class. I will never, under any circumstances, increase taxes of the middle class."
9: 18: "it's not true, it's just not true". Agressivity. Close to each other. Obama nervous, Romney now with humor. Prices (energy).
9:15: Obama smiling to Romney. Romney "I believe very much in our renewable energies". People looking at them. Two-Men-Show.
9:08: Obama "to rebuild America". Candy to Romney: "What can you do?" Romney: "unemployment rate. We need to make people back to work." Obama confident, Romney nervous but teaching.
They are here with us. A lot of things to say. Questions from students. Electricity. Romney begins. http;//