Thursday, June 21, 2012 ): BLOCKBUSTER™: the Intervision™ project is to receive the Internet on every TV set and television monitor (Internet + Television = Intervision™). Intervision™, a word that is not in the dictionary until now because it is a disturbing one for a part of the business and a commercial brand like frigidaire but not really. This is a non-profit neologism created by Frederic Vidal, never used until now by somebody else except in talks, I suppose. The author is a believer of the studies by Marshall McLuhan and it appears to be the best way to understand the evolution of the mass medias after the XXth century. The television is still the winning medium but the press is not down, so there is a confusion. The Internet imitates too much the old press, it is the reason of its crisis. Timeframes LLC, the company created for movies by the mastermind and PhD researcher, is proposing a new deal about soft mixity of the contents for a stability, about culture and economy, of the information status quo meaning the continuation of our official ideology, not anymore capitalisme but social entrepreneurship. The word intervision™ is the meeting of two words that must live together happily: the internet and the television. The press, in this new era, will be the result of the two. Editor-in-chief: Frederic Vidal (6/21/2012). WORDPRESS: THE INTER-LETTERS.

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