Wednesday, June 13, 2012 The Rock is your destiny. The comet. It will not hurt our planet, our earth, one of a thousand ones (the exoplanets), but our head (thanks to the headphones of the Intervision audio™) with bands like Linkin Park (excessive but anyway, they gonna pay for that) and BRAMSTOCKER, a very old band never heard on this solar system as the censorship of the States (all the States but not our State of the Union) did not authorize it because of the press, extremely against our music since the Watergate, to my point of view. Rock, r o c k like no other word is the symbol of the humanity and the delusion of the planet (but is it really a planet or dream, a short dream?) The music is available in 3 basic demos for a draft of an album: BEST CREDIT CARDS. A new Era sur Terre. Extend my love (messianic) : The Sea is Not Enough (aquatic): Ship is solution (impeccable): 3 titles for the NASDAQ. BRAMSTOCKER (June 12, 2012) Beta Version. Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

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