Saturday, July 23, 2011 Oslo deaths because Obama was wrong. He is a liar and a killer. Libya with Gaddafi is forever! SOLIDARITY WITH NORWAY!

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Webgram! The LIBYA PROJECT! Rebels Made in USA: The United States of the Obama Administration before The Hague and the International Criminal Court Trial confirm their support to the Rebels by calling them GOVERNMENT! What a joke! Kadafi is still the Leader and Guide of the Country, even with this kind of 'gangnment' that govern only an army of men! This is a decision about $$$: the rebels sponsored by the Americans can get MORE CASH according to the LA Times! Read the article: U.S. formally recognizes rebel group as Libya's government "The move should give the rebels fighting Moammar Kadafi's regime a diplomatic boost as well as access to much-needed cash."
Breaking News! The Phone Hacking Scandal involving Rupert Murdoch is now an American issue with the investigation of the FBI that started yesterday, July 14! Read the entire file explained by Wikipedia: "The News International phone hacking scandal is an ongoing controversy involving the News of the World, a now-defunct British tabloid newspaper published by News International, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, and the allegations that individuals working for the newspaper engaged in phone hacking (...) The scandal eventually garnered attention in the United States, where News Corporation operates a multitude of media outlets. On 14 July, the FBI launched its own investigation into News Corporation, focusing on claims that its newspapers had violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and accessed voicemails of victims of the 9/11 attacks; on 15 July, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Department of Justice had also opened an investigation into the company." Read more:

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Webgram! Betty Ford funeral: Snyder, other Michigan leaders greet casket's arrival in Grand Rapids!
After a service Thursday, Ford is to be buried next to her husband at his presidential library. Former President George W. Bush, first lady Michelle Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former first ladies Nancy Reagan and Rosalynn Carter were among 800 people at a Tuesday service in Palm Desert for Ford. See the picture: an honor guard carries the coffin bearing the body of former first lady Betty Ford at a departure ceremony at Palm Springs International Airport Wednesday, July 13, 2011, in Palm Springs, Calif. Ford will be buried in Michigan on Thursday next to her husband former President Gerald R. Ford. / AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, Pool.
Breaking News! Read ALZAZEERA says the truth about these Libyan Rebels known as the non-famous 'Rebel Fighters' who damage, like the US Army killed in Vietnam, villages of innocents. Hillary and Obama like that obviously BUT NOT THE DEMOCRACY! In Europe there is a Wind for Change and a Time for Peace without blood and violence. It's time for the Leader to speak to the nice people and his name is Gaddafi! Thanks ALZAZEERA: READ THE Human Rights Watch REPORT about Rebels: In four towns captured by rebels in the Nafusa Mountains over the past month, rebel fighters and supporters have damaged property, burned some homes, looted from hospitals, homes, and shops, and beaten some individuals alleged to have supported government forces. Libya: Opposition Forces Should Protect Civilians and Hospitals!

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Frederic Vidal: "I will send a message to this Sovereign Court this week regarding my mission, as a Presidential (candidate) Leader, of CONSENSUS, nationwide and abroad!" International Criminal Court on Wikipedia: The so important site of this Court created in 2002 (Rome statute adopted: July 17, 1998 - entered into force: July 1, 2002) to continue the mission of the NUREMBERG tribunal, the ICC: ICC launches celebrations for 17 July – International Criminal Justice Day:
Breaking News! THE HAGUE FOR THE US not for Libyans! Libya Project Webgram! Obama Peace Nobel Prize? Where is the peace and who wants the war? Him only, our DC President! On the other hand, the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights
is the best Evidence that Muammar is the right man in the right place at the right time as LIBYA GUIDE, LEADER and STRONGMAN because he always respected and sponsored the Human Rights worldwide, including in his own Country. THEY SAY THE CONTRARY, DON'T BELIEVE IT! Frederic Vidal: "As a Presidential candidate in the United States and the American Leader of the most important Country in the 2010's, for the reputation and the protection of my Nation, I want the International Criminal Court of The Hague, Netherlands to INVESTIGATE and, if necessary, to CONDEMN our United States policy against Libya with the opening of a Lawsuit for Crimes against Humanity and BARBARITY in the Middle-East as States must be punished when they work dysfunctional and be helped to do better in a second time after the payment of a compensation or the personal inculpation of the responsibles. I'm not one of them and I accuse the clique Obama-Clinton-Gates to be our three decidors about the orders to finish the legal Libya! I will send a message to this Sovereign Court this week regarding my mission, as a Presidential (candidate) Leader, of CONSENSUS, nationwide and abroad!" International Criminal Court on Wikipedia: The so important site of this Court created in 2002 (Rome statute adopted: July 17, 1998 - entered into force: July 1, 2002) to continue the mission of the NUREMBERG tribunal, the ICC: ICC launches celebrations for 17 July – International Criminal Justice Day:
Webgram Alert! The Libya Project with our Dear Qaddafi! Two great news: 1. ROBERT GATES RESIGNS! The previous Defense Secretary is not anymore in charge. Welcome Leon Panetta to stop the war! 2. FRANCE AND ITALY PROPOSE QADDAFI TO STAY IN CHARGE FOR THE NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE REBELS! Reuters: Some NATO allies in Libya exhausted in 90 days-US (according to Panetta). Read the article: Read also the Online Defense and Acquisition Journal, the DoD Buzz article: The message from Paris on Monday was as soft on his regime as it has ever been, a clear concession that the French government wants to wrap up this misadventure soon. So Paris would apparently accept Qaddafi as Chief Potentate Emeritus, or something, under the New Libya — quite a reversal from all those weeks of public unity about there being no future for him. French defense minister Gerard Longuet also appeared to leave the door open for Qaddafi to remain in Libya. When asked whether it was possible to hold talks if Qaddafi had not stepped down he said: “He will be in another room in his palace, with another title.” The Italian foreign minister, Francesco Frattini, has already called for negotiations, while Alain Juppe, the French foreign minister, in a separate interview also suggested Col Gaddafi could stay in power while negotiations took place. Read more!

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Breaking News! Gadhafi again threatens to attack Europe with suicide bombers! By David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times. Published: Saturday, Jul. 9, 2011 - 1:00 am
This is the reply after NATO misunderstanding of its mission to protect only States that are members! Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth said Ghadafi! We must hope that it is a threat that will DESTROY NATO program definitely without victims but with the Weapon of the Diplomacy! To want the murder of a population is a crime that is not acceptable, to prepare Suicide Bombers is a project to calm down the NATO fascists in Brussels that still work for the previous Century, not ours! In Libya, the organization, that is now composed of 23 Countries including 12 ex-Communist States obviously against the United States and for a pro-Russia Europe, is acting like the Soviet Union, for a Terror of anti-democracy, financing the CIVIL WAR! Sacramento Bee: BENGHAZI, Libya -- For the second time in a week, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has threatened to dispatch hundreds of Libyan suicide bombers to attack targets in Europe in retaliation for NATO strikes against his regime. "Hundreds of Libyans will martyr in Europe," Gadhafi said late Friday in a defiant speech before thousands of Libyans in Tripoli's Green Square. "I told you it is eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth." Read more:
Alert! NUREMBERG 2: Osama Bin Laden is charged by Space-Time Prosecutor Frederic Vidal of MASS MURDER! Watch the 9/11 videos: nurembergtrial Youtube message yesterday evening: "Bin Laden was right to understand he would never break the United States. He broke 2 towers only and left for another world in 2011. Meanwhile we will never understand why he chose New York for his crime. He was blind and a strange person, perhaps an enemy with a secret target: the production of a historic spectacle of construction of a mass murder!" 9/11 remember:

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NASA Webgram! Posted by Jul 08, 2011 06:21 AM. Atlantis makes final liftoff as Floridians say goodbye to the space shuttle: CAPE CANAVERAL — The final roar of the space shuttle echoed across Florida on Friday as hundreds of thousands of people watched Atlantis rocket into orbit and into history. Frederic Vidal: "It was this afternoon and I believe we will never forget it. I want this idea to be forgotten that we gonna stop to send rockets in the sky because we are ready to go again on other planets. First, the Moon was great, now Mars is our mission, Obama spoke about it and we have no news as the budget problem is so hard to be solve BUT I will be there to double the NASA credits to start the MARS MISSION with Cape Canaveral and the other NASA headquarters for the research and the building of the huge Space SHIPS that will be the Evidence of the Power of the United States from Earth to the entire Solar System, with plenty of new jobs for the Americans! SPACE IS OUR FUTURE, let's visit planets but, first, let's plan to dream about it, then to work on it and finally to make it happen with the Brain of our kids, their parents and our global economy, the World, that will help for an international mission organized by the famous USA, the best with a Russian cooperation, to discover new areas and export our Civilization with an improvement of our technologies! The money will be there!" Read about a last mission that is not all a final flight! Man will walk on the Moon again SOON, and on Mars TOO:

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Webgram! American Culture Department: Impeach OBAMA is the general message of our Web Culture! EVIDENCE permanent issue about the Entertainment Industry is now inviting our readers and webbers and bloggers to visit, everyday if necessary, the positively FAB FOUR of the Press Culture Industry: BILLBOARD HOLLYWOOD REPORTER ROLLING STONE VARIETY Check our Front Page, the Evidence of our Times:
Cantor is the Butcher of Libya! Alert! SARKOSY, BOHNER, CANTOR and OBAMA are The Beatles of the War, the Chaos makers of the Middle-East! RESIGNATION FOR THE FAB FOUR next gen! Signed: Frederic Vidal
7/7/2011 Webgram 4! Libya War Press Review: IT ALL ENDS! House disapproves of Libyan action, but leaves funding intact!
7/7/2011 Webgram 3! Libya War Press Review: IT ALL ENDS! Nato alliance fears as Italy cuts back on Libya role!
7/7/2011 Webgram 2! Libya War Press Review: IT ALL ENDS! Russia accuses NATO of hindering political process in Libya!
7/7/2011 Webgram 1! Libya War Press Review: IT ALL ENDS! While France "Parachuting" Weapons into Libya is Criticized, UN Committee Does Not Act: Not "Masochistic," Chair Says!
7/7/2011 Webgram! Libya War Press Review: IT ALL ENDS! Russia accuses NATO of hindering political process in Libya!
7/7/2011 Webgram! Libya War Press Review: IT ALL ENDS! Russia accuses NATO of hindering political process in Libya!
7/7/2011 Webgram! Libya War Press Review: IT ALL ENDS! While France "Parachuting" Weapons into Libya is Criticized, UN Committee Does Not Act: Not "Masochistic," Chair Says!

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Alert! Breaking News! Read it: Admirable Article about the Craziness of a Tyrant: Barack Obama! LIBYA FOREVER FREE! We swear! The US must end its illegal war in Libya now! President Obama has ripped up the US constitution for Nato's ill-considered Libyan adventure. Congress must restore sense! Read it:
Special Webgram! The address is Love Is The Antidote: Frederic Vidal Wants To Be The Next James Bond With Blake Lively As Co-Star! EVIDENCE Web Magazine Is The Press American Debut Of The Presidential Candidate Who Is Also An Actor! Read EVIDENCE, the American Culture Department: powered by Google! The original article giving to James Bond his new episode's title:

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Webnews! US Senate Postpones Libya Vote, an article by Michael Bowman | Capitol Hill. July 05, 2011 Read it:
"... McCain said congressional upheaval over the Libya resolution could have been avoided if President Barack Obama had sought congressional authorization for the mission months ago. The resolution would have needed the backing of 60 senators in the 100-member chamber to proceed to a final vote. For now, a vote appears unlikely to be rescheduled before the August 2 deadline for increasing the federal borrowing limit." Bad news for the Obama administration. My possible election as a US Senator in December after a judiciary cancellation of Barbara Boxer is creating a positive effect for a better opposition and a smarter policy of the Congress to stop the war tendency and manage the deficit problem with more creativity! US Senate Postpones Libya Vote:
Tuesday's Webgram! Before EVIDENCE Release, postponed for one day after hard work for the 4th of July, let's read this New York Times blog article about Congress majority waiting for a decision about Obama impeachment: do they want to organize the trial? Obviously, they are not ready for that if the published news say the truth, that is not sure as we are probably in a controlled media system like the USSR one was! The D-Day (our cinema Dependence Day yesterday for the old Indy Day) was not a vacation day for the Republicans who still read and re-read our press communique about what is necessary to do: to impeach the President! Diffuse it: Debt limit fight, Libya war authorization are the 2 main subjects of the impeachment process!

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EVIDENCE, our CULTURE DEPARTMENT! 7/4 D-Day Box Office: #2. Cars 2. Watch the trailer:
Weekend: $32,072,000. Locations: 4,115. Average: $7,794. Total: $123,002,615. Weeks: 2. Distributor: Disney. Opening Weekend: $66,135,507 | Total Domestic Gross: $116,042,615 [est.] | Worldwide Gross: $200,542,615 [est.] | Total Budget: $275,000,000. Congratulations my Cars! You are my beautiful Cars built in America! The road is for you!
Breaking News: TRANSFORMERS Estimated Gross: $180M (domestic), $379M (worldwide). EVIDENCE is your Department of Culture of the United States for the INTERVISION (aka Web)! Welcome to the TRANSFORMERS: 4th of July's D-Day Box Office: #1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Weekend: $116,400,000. Locations: 4,013. Average: $29,006. Total: $181,125,000. Distributor: Paramount / DreamWorks. Total Domestic Gross: $162,125,000 [est.] | Worldwide Gross: $379,125,000 [est.] | Total Budget: $270,000,000. Visit the TRANSFORMERS Youtube site and watch the trailers and more footage of the franchise-saga new sequel DARK OF THE MOON:
Webgram Alert! Next: THE BOX OFFICE! Happy birthday Tom Cruise, thank you Katie Holmes: EVIDENCE: The Web Culture Magazine will be released tonight for the 4th of July, the Cinema Dependence Day (C-DD), the D Day for our projects with a week of updates and upgrades of a site that you will visit for the fireworks this evening in memoriam of a great Country that was ours before to be changed by a decision of the future President, Frederic Vidal who wants more involvment in Culture and Finance, less blah blah blah about Politics and War games! Have a great birthday Tom Cruise and a great party Katie:

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Statistics Webgram! nurembergtrial: Subscriptions (702), Friends (26). Visit us: Watch: HUGE PRO GADDAFI RALLY in Tripoli, Jul 1, 2011.
READ on Senior US Lawmakers Press Obama for Clarity on Libya! On Youtube nurembergtrial, LIBYA is included now in the NUREMBERG TRIAL PROGRAM 2 (Al-Qaeda, Iraq, 2011's Middle-East)! Late-June, a Gallup public opinion poll found that 46 percent of Americans disapproved of military action in Libya, while 39 percent approved. Fifteen percent had no opinion. I disapprove this military mission to erase the Libyan Leader seen as the Devil by the US! WHY? Because I support him! WHY? Because the American opposition to my candidacy wants him down to show that I am wrong to back this guy named Gaddafi that they don't like at all for SOME OTHER REASON(S) THAT WE MUST KNOW! We will know everything about this dark issue of a hate story between two men and one Country, Obama-Gaddafi and Libya respected by the United States!
On our Youtube site: HUGE PRO GADDAFI RALLY in Tripoli - Raw Footage From: 108morris108 | Jul 1, 2011 | 15,795 views
Nurembergtrial Webgram! Site link: Nuremberg 1: The first defendent at the Nuremberg trial is Rudolf Hess, the closest disciple of Adolf Hitler, a man of conviction and a leader for the young and the youth in the Germany of the 1930's! He was a real personality inside the regime and the prosecution of the trial respects his choice even if criticized by the Jews. Watch the video:

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Exclusive Facebook: Getty Images picture:
Filmmaker Frederic Vidal attends the Free Outdoor Screening Of "Rudy" during the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival held at L.A. LIVE on June 26, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
2011 Los Angeles Film Festival - Free Outdoor Screening Of "Rudy".
To see the picture on
A picture by Duffy-Marie Arnoult. Copyright © 2011 WireImage (A division of Getty Images, Inc.) All Rights Reserved Exclusive Facebook! Gaddafi is not out, he's only not necessary for the peace talks thanks to the African States meeting before the 4th of July! First great success for my ideas: the project of an Union for the future of Libya between Gaddafi government and staff members, meaning the legal Libya, and the Rebels sponsored by Clinton & Co, an army of brave fighters who did not respect enough the rules of the Country about order and justice but, anyway, they wanted to express themselves and they succeeded to be understood until now for a place in the new coalition! We'll see what happens this weekend by monitoring the news.

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Breaking News! Watch it: Exclusive for Frederic Vidal and Network: The new Tom Cruise's Trailer for Mission Impossible 4 - GHOST PROTOCOL! For Independence Day, It's a Gift of the Movie Superstar #1! Watch it: GHOST PROTOCOL trailer release is the starting point of the movie process for a release in December! Before the 4th of July: it's a magic surprise from Tom Cruise! MISSION IMPOSSIBLE DOT COM website:

Exclusive Letter To The Judge: The election of Barbara Boxer, November 2, 2010 was “organized”, meaning not in a legal way!

Frederic Vidal
6218 Rockcliff  Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Tel. 818-863-0523

Los Angeles, June 30, 2011

Attn: To the Judge.


The election of Barbara Boxer, November 2, 2010 was “organized”, meaning not in a legal way. I was a write-in candidate when the State of California decided to refuse the validation of my petition necessary to be registered.

I went to Norwalk September 9, the day before my birthday, to inform my County of Los Angeles, that I decided to be the next United States Senator, even if I was not a Primary candidate because the California Republican Party did not want to support my program: ‘less foreclosures, less bankruptcies, less unemployment, less poverty in America and our State’.

The Elections Department gave me the forms to file with the signatures of petitioners in order to be officially validated by them as a write-in candidate, an independent one, for the State of California in order to replace the previous Senator,  Mrs. Barbara Boxer.

On October 19, I submitted my list of 77 signatures to the County that registered them and released my ‘Candidate Receipt for Nomination Documents’ (filing number: 1724, election number: 0010, contest number: 1027).

On November 1, I was in Sacramento for my campaign end to have a meeting with the State Elections Department but my candidacy was not on the official list of candidates because they refused my petition with no explanation and no information before.

This decision was made to prevent my election and must be the result of the pressure of other candidates, Mrs. Boxer is obviously the one who stopped my objective to be the new Senator with the County and the State. I have the investigation in progress to prove that she is also responsible of other problems regarding my professional filmmaker career and my homeowner respect in Los Angeles.

The State of California never replied to my demand of investigation about the conditions of the non-validation of my petition that prevent me to be possibly elected. Consequently, I want now to ask you for the cancellation of the vote and the organization of a fair and honest election that I propose to be scheduled for Election Day, the first Tuesday of November, November 1st, 2011.

Best regards.

Frederic VidalUS Senate Candidate

This is Frederic Vidal Red Carpet (LA FILM FEST - Coca-Cola).
Picture by Frederic Vidal Fan / Evidence (a Timeframes publication).

The new Tom Cruise trailer for his December Movie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 - GHOST PROTOCOL is the bonus videogram of this post about Frederic Vidal's letter. Before to see the movie, we will go to vote in California because this is justice for all in our Country. About the film,  we are proud to present it on our new Youtube Web Culture Press Site: EVIDENCE3D
Webnews! Watch today's video: NUREMBERG 3 / McCARTHY FILES 3: John Roberts explained the Supreme Court ruling on eminent domain that allowed local government to seize private land for the betterment of community. This video is an important document to show that the Supreme Court President is not understanding well the American Law: eminent domain is used by him not in a proper way. Read the Wikipedia article: nurembergtrial youtube site: