Saturday, June 30, 2012 ): FRENCH POST™ 29: The circulaire of Frederic Vidal to the music major companies and labels is this Summer's event. I will call WARNER RECORDS this Month (July) to exchange with them some news (and information) about what they doin' and how to connect with it. They are the Top for me, I would have conceived my second a Album in 1979, ROUTE 99™ as a part of their catalogue but it was Science Fiction, too late, but never too when this is all about a tragic Fairy Tale (my SLIPKNOT sensibility ofr Life, my jurisprudence at me is BAND). Consequently, I show you their Logo(type) and I cross the fingers to be a part of this great Warner Studios family like... Bugs Bunny! I title it a BUGS BUNNY CIRCULAIRE to be diffused to other companies. The INTER-LETTERS 10. 06/29/2012 (Friday / Vendredi). Charles de Gaulle as The Antidote Of The Contestation Against Me, America (is) One! A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing (édition). A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™. Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: / Propriétaire des titres et rédacteur-en-chef : Frederic Vidal. Sous l'égide du projet de Secrétariat d'Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

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