Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MEGASTARS: The crisis about Wikileaks was Today's Webgrams Subject. Tomorrow, December 1st, we will diffuse more Livestream Intervision Multisite exclusive TeleMails! http://ping.fm/ifLMI
YouTube - Fred Vidal LIVE With OBAMA PARADE Inauguration: Video - January 20, 2009, 03:36 PM. 2 years later, in January, let's organize a Midterm one to focus on the unity White House-Congress and Obama historic 2008 Victory! http://ping.fm/3bBXq
Visit the Newseum | The Future of News (is not about leaks but Intervision, according to me and the Social Media)! http://ping.fm/WBPu4
The Washington DC Historic New Newseum | Newseum Home! The Newseum could be the right organization to participate in a Mission Against Public Leaks! http://ping.fm/hBm54
A New Frederic Vidal Comment for Digg Mobile - Text of White House statement on WikiLeaks release - latimes.com http://ping.fm/PCNzY
With my Comment: The Text of White House statement on WikiLeaks release http://ping.fm/QgEor
This is my Exclusive reply to Wikileaks: The Problem Is To Know Who Did The Leaks!! Their Site Is Down at the moment, indefinitely maybe! http://ping.fm/u5jtS

Wikileaks: The Problem Is To Know Who Did The Leaks!!

Julian Assange is irresponsible. He is the manager of a site, Wikileaks, that has not the right to diffuse stolen documents of the American Diplomacy. This is a shame for the World. He is certainly manipulated by higher entities, international ones that work with foreign mini and regualr superpowers with the project of destabilize the unity of our worldwide status quo. You are thw witness of a bad plot against peace and future of peace at a time of preparation of the end of the Afghanistan war! Let's hope this chaos will stop before Christmas thanks to Sweden and the Internet federation of social media sites upgrading their community for the Intervision step that begins now!

Frederic Vidal
US Senate candidate in California

Wikileaks website is UNAVAILABLE Now (Tuesday, November 30, 3:17pm pt)! The United States want the Truth about this Leak of American official documents that finally close the website before to, maybe, negotiate with it a new Wiki like Wikipedia, a honest site about Diplomacy, without stolen documents!

Los Angeles Times:
The massive leak of secret diplomatic cables sent a tremor from Washington through world capitals Monday, exposing deception and scheming that world leaders take great pains to keep private and complicating some of America's most sensitive strategic relations.
The Pentagon Channel: The DoD is The Internet Leader for Intervision, audiovisual communication and network! http://ping.fm/S836s
The Pentagon is the crucial organization to send to the world this message: the United States will always be the superpower Nation that has the duty to affirm authority and defense of freedom because we are an experienced democracy and a military number one federation of States with the most splendid Constitution of the planet, thanks to George Washington! The Pentagon channel is a great example of Intervision, the Internet new format mixing video, images and texts. I am proud to continue my post-doctoral program to share the links of the government best sites for a happy new year 2011, in just one month now! Visit this great address: http://ping.fm/Bnr56

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rao: More than a Dozen of Webgrams today, Monday, November 29, 2010 before a first week of December dedicated to TIMEFRAMES LLC and my Campaign for the US Senate: Friends and Media - 2012-2020! http://ping.fm/izYxC
My latest Text of the Day, Signed Fred Kelly for MTV | Post | Mission Accomplished for 2 Veterans! http://ping.fm/Adyz4
He Was The Master of The French Cop Game: A Son of Lucas Inspiring my Dedication to The Show Business! Irvin Kershner, director of 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Never Say Never Again,' dies at 87 http://ping.fm/etIRA

Irvin Kershner, director of 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Never Say Never Again,' dies at 87

Irvin Kershner, director of 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Never Say Never Again,' dies at 87

I was honored to meet him on a set when he shot the movie for George Lucas, it was the second one of the franchise STAR WARS and young we were but already sure to continue until the third part of the trilogy! Ian Solo, Ian Solo, it is the main character that I remember but the leads were all great. For the James Bond movie, it's another story. I staid in touch with him, until the end. Farewell. GL (written by Mike Fuller, PhD)

A Ugly Thanksgiving for some of us, 2 died in the Movie Industry,
I eat Turkey for you, guys, on a daily basis, to have the sacred fire in my game:
The French Cop Production of Films and a Music CD-DVD
Franchise of songs too. Politics will stop that career
by my election to the Senate, not before in the US, thanks
to the international Memory
of Irvin Kershner who continued
the Saga!
With my Signature, A Thansgiving Mistake! Irvin Kershner, director of 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Never Say Never Again,' dies at 87 http://ping.fm/RogUy
THE BIBLE OF TIMEFRAMES! Amazon.com: 2011 Social Media Directory - The Ultimate Guide to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Resources (9780789747112): Jeffery A. Riley: Books http://ping.fm/640ln
Late Leslie Nielsen - Filmbug - Too late, too late, Never Too Late! Love! http://ping.fm/kPqgx
Leslie Nielsen Selection of Posters: Rock the Legend of a Fair Star Man!! AllPosters.com - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store! http://ping.fm/o06eR
With Comments of Mine: Leslie Nielsen of 'Naked Gun' fame dies at age 84 - LA Daily News http://ping.fm/DlWVy

Leslie Nielsen: Mission Accomplished!

Nielsen Dead, Vidal Alive: Direction Washington, January First For A Comeback In DC, USA! Campaign for the Second Vote Begins Today! Boxer Out! Yoga Ok!! Let's go to our Roots: Democracy! California Golden Age is On Our Side! CYBER MONDAY: Shop online until Midnight! FV

http://www.dailynews.com/ci_16729969 The Link For Nielsen's Life Celebration!

Nielsen, young Lead with already Fame
and a Career project: to give more Time
to the Movie Culture until the end of the Century!

Frederic Vidal: "Leslie is still my best friend since the Poseidon Adventure and I will meet him again in Florida next year not to have a meeting with the impossible Jeb Bush that i want to ignore as he is a competitor of mine for the Presidential campaign in a cliche way, touche! Nielsen was a star of mine on the Boulevard of the great times as Tom Cruise is still my souvenir name of the golden years of the Frame of Time and Space in the Cinema Industry in America! We are sad and we will stay sad until the en of the year with a break for Christmas and a U-Turn for December 31st, before a Happy New End: The Year 2011 will be better than ever! Ciao Leslie Nielsen."

  • Breaking News: I am scheduling an independent commission about the cancellation of November 2 election for the US Senate and its suspicious organization. I will inform oif the names that I am inviting to this investigation committee tomorrow Tuesday, November 30, in the morning.
American Recovery: Intervision Strikes Back! Sales could top $1 billion on a manic Cyber Monday - LA Daily News http://ping.fm/XNq9a

Sales could top $1 billion on a manic Cyber Monday - LA Daily News

Sales could top $1 billion on a manic Cyber Monday - LA Daily News

The Cyber Monday is the TOUR DE FORCE of The InterVision to get the Commercial Takeoff of our Main American Media for the Economy Recovery and the 2012-2020 Frederic Vidal Program of Government 'Friends and Media', a Social Network to live together happy and rich as usal, RICH AS USUAL spiritually and financially!

Shop Online Today and All Week Long: THis Is The THANSGIVING 2nd Week In Progress!! Turkey Welcomed!! America Is Back From Crisis!!!!
Cyber Monday, A Post-Thanksgiving Commercial Web Tour de Force To Share With Hundreds of Social Intervision Media Sites (SIMS): AddThis Social Bookmarking Sharing Button Widget! http://ping.fm/LEt6t
The Bush Era Tax Cuts is one of the legacies of the previous President. Mike Fuller wants a BETC study in order to develop his 2012-2020 FM (friends and media) program 'Presidency and US Recovery', Economy First! http://ping.fm/37wcR
Frederic Vidal, PhD on iLike because Music is The Key Industry and Business For The American Recovery! http://ping.fm/3Vj20

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All Today's Webgrams are Official Information Of Timeframes LLC about Government Publications on the American Web! We will be back tomorrow for more!! http://ping.fm/ViO3o
This Is The National Guard - Official and Great Website of the National Guard, The Unity of the Country for War and Duty! http://ping.fm/pNqQt
U.S. Marine Corps: Their Website Is The Most Well Done Site Of The Official Content On The Web! http://ping.fm/3Z8g2
United States Secret Service: The Organization Of The Nation For Our Most Important Project, To Continue The Legacy! http://ping.fm/Q4Cqt
The Sacred Link of Our Troops, Always: The United States Army Community Covenant – Home http://ping.fm/a8A1Q
Vince Sauvan and Darkpol are In Touch With WarriorCare.mil - We Stand Together (in the French Cop Movie)! http://ping.fm/qfV85
US Senate Candidate Frederic Vidal Now On USTREAM - You're On - Broadcast Live Streaming Video, Watch Online Events, Chat Live, send a Tweet, follow on Facebook, MySpace, record your Live Shows http://ping.fm/WdjNn
The US Army Is Supported By Our Film Elite: Home - Letters From Hollywood, Congrats Soldiers! http://ping.fm/4J66B
They Are Protecting The News!! Welcome to the National Security Agency - NSA/CSS The Intervision Needs Them To Control The Content! http://ping.fm/qWqqw
The Website of Every American: Internal Revenue Service, Intervision is Government Oriented! http://ping.fm/gh8XC
Welcome to the Most Important Justice Partner, Visit The FBI — Homepage http://ping.fm/GHHS2
For Your Information: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home, With The FBI! http://ping.fm/6Zpe0
Frederic Vidal Strongly Recommends The Department of Homeland Security | Preserving our Freedoms, Protecting America http://ping.fm/cBFUp
I invite You To Visit A Site Symbol of the United States: NASA - Home http://ping.fm/BAPr5
Frederic Vidal Recommends The Official Home of the Department of Defense http://ping.fm/74DvZ

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Palin against Bush: A Battle for Nothing, we must focus on tomorrow not yesterday! Sarah is a polite woman even if she's not fair sometimes, Mrs. Bush was an excellent First Lady! Palin fires back at 'blue-blood' Barbara Bush http://ping.fm/tVlxl
Methamphetamine is the worst illegal drug about a very, very bad medicine! MEXICO is really a bad allied of the United States! Until When? Mexico City must understand we cannot wait until the end of the year without a strong reply, not a military one but a warning with danger, a message at the UN: STOP DRUGS IMMEDIATELY or we'll vote against you a Law about Order!!! http://ping.fm/sJiLt
UN and US must work together AGAINST Mexican cartels emerging as top source for U.S methamphetamine! http://ping.fm/WPO2a

Second major drug tunnel found in San Diego in less than a month; marijuana seized, 8 arrested - latimes.com

Second major drug tunnel found in San Diego in less than a month; marijuana seized, 8 arrested - latimes.com

Mexico's Drug Terror Reached LA? The Tunnels were there to give the Evidence!

Obama is not scheduling a reply against Mexico? Why? Cold war or real One, Their Drug Cartel Deserves the Strongest United States WARNING, A Military One if Necessary! People in California are terrorized by this Mex Junk illegal activities! BORDER PRIMES!

Otay Mesa Drug Tunnel Uncovered
(U.S. Customs and Border Protection / November 26, 2010)
Border Patrol weighed the seized marijuana from the sophisticated tunnel used to smuggle drugs between Mexico and San Diego, U.S. authorities announced Friday.
(picture thanks to the Los Angeles Times)
DRUG TERROR Reached LA?? Second major drug tunnel found in San Diego in less than a month; marijuana seized, 8 arrested - latimes.com http://ping.fm/O8d58

Homicide Report: 17 killings last week in L.A. County, including two youths

Homicide Report: 17 killings last week in L.A. County, including two youths

This is UNACCEPTABLE! The Terror of Homicide Threat must stop in LA in its County. An investigation must be organized to know how the LAPD can prevent with stronger methods that kind of awful news: MURDER, the number is now 563 since January! Rest in Peace, friends of the Bay of Angels!!

Ronni Chasen, one angel among 562 others that will be our angels forever, ANGELINOS from Los Angeles County including the City of the Same Name!

Los Angeles is dangerous and it's not normal! This is a card of fame!
Next Year, Less Crimes!
SCANDAL!! 563 since January! Homicide Report: 17 killings last week in L.A. County, including two youths | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times http://ping.fm/pBWPV
Bad loser or good winner, Barack Obama is the one to reply: Do you want Fuller or McCain! The Next President will not be black and white! Here comes the day, a single in heavy rotation! http://ping.fm/1X5bF
I Recommend The Velvet Eyes Universe: Welcome to the United Nations http://ping.fm/61L4G
RaO 1: MAGNA CARTA, In Washington DC, the project is to forget the Post-American Dream to be back to the dream of the first 13 States together for a Card of Liberties: The Constitution! http://ping.fm/JflrI

Online Is Mine! The Business Plan of Timeframes Is In Progress On Blogspot before a Second Round Meeting With Lawyer Mr. Diaz Next Week After the Ping Wave Ends!!

Read the first great text about business and management since the constitution of the United Artists of Hollywood-Timeframes!!

Buddy Holly, Spiritual Father of Our Gates Galaxy!
RESULTSandOBSTACLES Checklist: We're Producing Films Against Illegal Addictions!! http://ping.fm/C1gR3 This Facebook Wall is a WebNews Monument! Building a Commercial Social Media Special Business Plan 2.0 (Internet World Wide Intelligent Design, Made in USA)!
I Recommend The Strongest Site Against Drugs!!! Drug Enforcement Administration Home http://ping.fm/n0k2y
FAQ-SNAP Q&A: 4. The hackers are a spasm of pressure of the Web when they think they can make Google their homepage! A subculture about underground and sometimes punishable matters! http://ping.fm/EmW1Q
FAQ-SNAP Q&A: 3. First cycle of the earth, what is it all about? In The FC franchise universe, this is a super-hero planet earth 1st round (and round), a time before a second turn after a nuclear crash! http://ping.fm/rsBtx
FAQ-SNAP Q&A: 2. Don McKenzie and the UFO Research, what about this French Cop franchise? This is for The Secret Name(c) Feature Film about Life of an Oregon born agent in Russia (first cycle of the earth)! http://ping.fm/wt7uN
FAQ-SNAP Q&A: 1. The DVD format created a change in our civilization understanding? Yes, for sure, you can choose the right chapter for a film!! http://ping.fm/xvbZ4
FAQ-SNAP: Interworld and Special Media, 2 new concepts for our Internet Theory, a scientific Snap for a possible Cyber-Culture! The Online Eldorado is maybe not far away!! http://ping.fm/LLpyD
The Ping Blog inspires my Presidential Candidate Library: http://ping.fm/JNZ6m If elected Senator in California, I will have a monthly feedback call with Mrs. Boxer for Advice!

Friday, November 26, 2010

MEGASTAR 10: If we decide to live together in a happy land of our teamwork system of Culture with the Gates Galaxy January 1st media unity Computer, we have to rush!! http://ping.fm/qH7mJ
MEGASTAR 9: The Crisis in America is a divine surprise for the Countries that never accept the legacy of our Fathers, God, Washington and the Native Americans! http://ping.fm/paf32
Frederic Vidal Recommends Santa Claus Games, Letters, Calls, Tracker and much more. Have fun at SantaClaus.net http://ping.fm/BtiSQ
MEGASTAR 8: Santa Claus will be the right friend in December to call online to choose our Christmas Gifts, for the kids, their parents, future couples and families! Dating is a gift of God! http://ping.fm/rcrcK
MEGASTAR 7: Jesus was never married and refused to play the Rock Star but he was close to the Power because a write-in Candidate! http://ping.fm/O4RTv
MEGASTAR 6: Jesus is all and everything more than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones reunited. He was a great Miracle Maker, we need him with a Santa Claus Webber! http://ping.fm/yctQV
MEGASTAR 5: Once upon a time in a Magic Country, there was a strange feeling about Christmas that we must prepare in a Jesus Fandom! http://ping.fm/RWObz
Our New Intervision(c) Motto: Online is Mine! More Saving. More Doing. Home Depot Black Friday http://ping.fm/NigKN
MEGASTAR 4: Lohan or not Lohan? Online Purchase in America is down! We need a Movie Industry new deal to improve The US Mood!! Intervision can help! http://ping.fm/aXT6j
MEGASTAR 3: People of the East have a faster rhythm of online activity and California buyers cannot do the same! The Midwest is the online chance of change! http://ping.fm/OB9yd
MEGASTAR 2: The East Coast is a cold weather one and the West Coast is warmer one. Consequently, the population has not the same life status! http://ping.fm/gpgwA
MEGASTAR 1: The crisis of the Online Purchase in America is the bad news of the Holiday Season connected to the Sea of the 2 Coasts of the USA! http://ping.fm/GU8wg
Frederic Vidal, US Senator Candidate in Washington, DC: Majority of Americans Have Abandoned an Online Purchase Due to Security Concerns, Poll Finds http://ping.fm/PCCjq
Frederic Vidal Recommends CryptoKids® America's Future Codemakers & Codebreakers http://ping.fm/ikyCv

Majority of Americans Have Abandoned an Online Purchase Due to Security Concerns, Poll Finds

Intervision, the new Web needs new Security, security is the word that will help us to be the great Media we need to begin the Century a second time in 2011 and one thousand year of Internetwork success with the Intervision!

Majority of Americans Have Abandoned an Online Purchase Due to Security Concerns, Poll Finds

National Cyber Security Alliance Urges Online Shoppers to "Stop. Think. Connect."

Recommends Internet Safety Tips for Holiday Season

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- As the holiday shopping season and Cyber Monday approaches, a growing majority of Americans – 64 percent – report they have not made an online purchase from a specific website because of security concerns, according to a national poll released today by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).

"Stop. Think. Connect." is a good habit for shopping online this holiday season. To help consumers adopt this practice, NCSA offers four tips for consumers to better remain safe and secure while buying gifts online:

Keep a Clean Machine. Check to make sure that all software, especially security, Web browsers and operating systems, are up to date and set to update automatically.

Protect Your Personal Information. When opening new accounts, use long and strong passwords. Only provide the minimal amount of information needed to complete a transaction. When providing personal information for any purchase or other reason, ensure that you know who is asking for the information, and why the need it.

Connect with Care: When shopping, check to be sure a website is security enabled. Look for web addresses with "https://" or "shttp://," which means the site takes extra measures to help secure your information during financial transactions. Be wary of holiday shopping efforts to lure you. Cyber crooks will adjust to the holiday season, trying to get you to click through to deals that may appear to good to be true. They may also try to trick you by sending emails that something has gone wrong with an online purchase.

Be Web Wise: Research sellers before a first time purchase from a merchant (or auction seller) new to you. Search to see how others have rated them, and check their reviews. Do these things even if you are a return customer, as reputations can change.
The Homeland Security is working for a Secured Web! DHS | Stop. Think. Connect. PSA Contest http://ping.fm/J9lJV
This Is The Right Thing To Do: Stay Safe Online | Brought to you by the National Cyber Security Alliance http://ping.fm/anHlv
An Important Site for the Intervision: Welcome to the National Security Agency - NSA/CSS - http://ping.fm/0jyGc

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RESULTSandOBSTACLES 7: The target is now to have a main goal, not the audience but the persuasion I can sign more than a record deal, a Media Career! http://ping.fm/mr3JC
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 6: 16,500 views in one, only one, year, it's more than expected but this is a Music Business supported viral sign of success! http://ping.fm/hZgDP
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 5: The stardom is a kind of notoriety connecting people together. I recorded a song of this man and got a popular confirmation of my personal impact! http://ping.fm/i2wZn
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 4: Van Morrison used to be the best singer in England from 64 to the end of the decade according to me who played his songs forever! http://ping.fm/GM0Qh
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 3: The Stones, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Led Zep inspired my melodies to be shared because I believe in the 60's and 70's when everything was possible! http://ping.fm/lqASo
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 2: I began my music career in 1977 with a Punk rock enterprise supporting the Sex Pistols franchise! It worked for a first happening! http://ping.fm/K9lxT
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 1: Music Business!! A Show Biz market based on CDs sale and legal Online downloads, celebrating more than 80 years of Songplugging! http://ping.fm/UWuOV

TIMEFRAMES LLC Business Plan: Objective 2013! From to the French Cop to the German Spy Once Again!

TIMEFRAMES LLC Business Plan: Objective 2013! From to the French Cop to the German Spy Once Again!

With Christmas coming in several weeks, TIMEFRAMES LLC supports the mutation of the Hollywood Frame by publishing and releasing a Business Plan 2011-2013!

1. The new Decade is the necessary system change for a happier industry.

From 2010 to 2011. Every 10 years, the market's update is the result of a consumer evolution. Next decade begins in January with a new Congress majority, a majority change! The economy recovery confirmation is not certain but a project to protect. TIMEFRAMES LLC is the right west coast business for a new catalogue of Videograms and Intervision(c) programs!

2. The French Cop Franchise is a DARKPOL Merchandising Industry!

I wrote in 2006 the first website of Vidal & Partners, renamed the same year FRENCH COP LLC. The story of a French criminologist living in the United States was inspired by an espionage and scifi movie context. Vince Sauvan met the woman of his life at the White House, her name is Patricia Hunter. Together, they chose to share their life with the United States security and secret services. Darkpol, a system of investigation inside the CIA was studied by them who thought about its creation at the University. Super-heroes, the couple of young adults did their first mission about UFOs and a kidnapping.

  • Vince Sauvan's Darkpol Organization:
DARKPOL: CIA Intervention Unit specialized in Criminology and violent missions.
DARKPOL STAR: Celebrity and personality coordination Team managing space travels and PR express events as manager partners and co-organizers!
DARKPOL STARDUST: With the Homeland Security, the Darkpol Stardust is the campaign advisors of political election candidates, cheking wwhat's wrong is happening with security at the borders.
DARKPOL  JUNK: freelance collaborators of the Darkpol Unit to control the streets for a time of peace expression without enemy marketing.
DARKPOL SPACETIME (DPST): Extra-terrestrial Spacetime Department of Darkpol. Anti-UFO research.
DARKPOL SPACETIME 'HOMELESS' (DPSTH): Inter-service mission interacting with the Secret Service, DPST-H is the priority of the States' capitales regarding cultural reply to anti-business dangers like bankruptcies of new tech companies (created in 2009).
DARKPOL BACKSTAGE: NSA connected Team for witness protection and Logistics!

Mike Fuller's project of product merchandising.

3. The Gates Galaxy is a new Civilization Deal for Communication Process

Television is not anymore the only main media. The Internet is an internetwork in competition with the other media until December 31st. It is clear that afterwards, TV and Press will be synchronized with a new business model. 2011 is the a good year. The Marconi Galaxy conceived by Marshall McLuhan as the post-book era based on paper (Gutenberg Galaxy) will stop to be the dominant galaxy! The Social Media cannot stay alone and rule the world of the high-tech. We need television cable and satellite to mix the content with a LLC Timeframes.

The Web Theory is a research-development of TIMEFRAMES. Myspace is in a bad situation with less benefits and a poor business plan that the users are improving with me, leader of a cultural and political network in California! The win-win is over, let's begin the after-win.

4. The American Set is Ready for a Wave of Creativity

Studio Strategy: To Begin by a Spy Before the Cop Project.
The shooting of a movie for the new Format, INTERVISION(c), is scheduled for January as a deadline to respect. This is crucial for our economy and an innovation to promote better than this year.

Other projects: Gossip Man, Mike Fuller.

Gossip Man: A franchise project for Warner, created by a vision of Gossip Girl, the TV Show, about its environment and context regarding a new area of social games and strategy of networking with dating, on the East Coast close to New York, in Staten Island, where a Supervisor of a gossip team could be located. To be proposed in December in Hollywood, CA.

Social Media is a 2 Words Concept to Improve The Telephone we use everyday, cells are crucial for local communications and long distance updates from LA to DC! For the foreign Countries, there are cards with cheaper rates, it's available in stores and online!
General Edouard Corniglion-Molinier, International Movie Producer and Senator of France is the friend of TIMEFRAMES and the Reason of Our Success (and a parent of mine!).

Online on this Ping Blog IN PROGRESS from November to December 2010, pre-2011 work deal!

The US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal is President and CEO of TIMEFRAMES LLC, a principle of work in the Film industry that he wants with a discipline comparable to Charles Chaplin sets for his historic and unique movies in the first part of the XXth Century!.

Timeframes LLC wants to express its gratitude to Severine Humbert, from PriceWaterHouseCoopers who gave a first corporate feedback in 2007 for the strategical choices of the company regarding the production of a first feature film.

Monday, November 22, 2010

MEGASTARS: Tomorrow Tuesday, Internet Theory, What's Up with the Web movies? Webisodes series are more and more seen (even in the streets) with cells!! http://ping.fm/o7gFG
RaO 13: The screenplay that we will release on Ping and Facebook (with a Twitter list of contents) is an offer to the owners of the brand F.D. to work together! http://ping.fm/QnUSr
RaO 12: TIMEFRAMES LLC has a licensing activity for French Cop and German Spy regarding Merchandising but not the FIRST DAUGHTER's Rights! http://ping.fm/S9pWk
RaO 11: I wrote the French Cop script in 2006, the German Spy in 2008, the First Daughter 2 plot in 2010: an exclusive online Webscript for this THANKSGIVING! http://ping.fm/JBs5S
RaO 10: I never forgot Katie Holmes and 2 years later, I created Vidal & Partners, my first LLC!! Still excited by my First experience, with no other daughter than my company! http://ping.fm/BAUMH
RaO 9: I was so impressed by this first day on a California set, the West Coast is a Hollywood dream! Forrest Whitaker, Daughter's director was 1st class! http://ping.fm/Jw8JZ
RaO 8: Katie Holmes was walking like a Top Model in front of me, almost nude celebrity with the beauty of a panther and the hair of an angel ready for stardom! http://ping.fm/JPdaJ
RaO 7: I was invited to play the character of the Campaign Worker of her Dad's re election in an anthology office scene, famous for Holmes' bikini, a white one! http://ping.fm/I8tEV
RaO 6: First Daughter was not a theater blockbuster but the DVD was released with a good packaging featuring Katie with 2 body guards, Secret Service! http://ping.fm/TGlNL
RaO 5: FIRST DAUGHTER is about the networking of Katie Holmes, democratic princess in a fairy tale's 2nd term campaign of her father played by Michael Keaton! http://ping.fm/4vcdC
RaO 4: The President's obvioulsy the First Husband, his wife the First Lady and their kids, the First daughters and sons, #1 Citizens of the Nation! http://ping.fm/uYhB4
RaO 3: The Film's Title is a message of continuity regarding the First Family, the Presidential one, located in Washington, DC composed of parents and children! http://ping.fm/JzMgv
RaO 2: Katie Holmes is a great actress that I met July 14, 2003, Bastille Day, not for a Love Story but a Movie Production about her! http://ping.fm/Za1XO
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 1: First Daughter 2, a special wave of flashback memories about a project that was never fashionable but still a proposition! http://ping.fm/O7Q6l

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Darkpol, Vince Sauvan, Patricia Hunter, more news on the network tomorrow and after tomorrow! The Sunday Wave was a World Wide Webgram unique Effort! Vidal not a Martyr anymore! http://ping.fm/gsHjN
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 12: No Film, No Franchise? No, there is a possibility to have a Franchise without the Film shot: to get a new FANDOM based on the Internet! http://ping.fm/WdwrF
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 11: Merchandising is the only solution for a FRENCH COP financing, this is what I understood when I relocated in Hollywoodland, on Rockcliff Drive! http://ping.fm/gcbC5
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 10: The United States are the right location for the Franchise to inspire toys, books, comics and cartoons. Video games and films (cinema, TV) are also a great ambition! http://ping.fm/zRuIM
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 9: In 11, it will be faster than in 6, 2005 French fires and fries are not cops and the Kiss will be for the Screen! French means Friend http://ping.fm/qFVZ4
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 8: Our company didn't know that at the end of 2010 the movie would still be in pre-production, a bad news for the USA! http://ping.fm/R9qwQ
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 7: The French State had to be strong enough to be sure the FRENCH COP would never been shot, it was a choice of Hollywood too, fascinated by Paris and Moscow! http://ping.fm/XVHVG
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 6: The French Cop created the Darkpol, a CIA Team, to neutralize Bin Laden's Alqaida worldwide. Not a popular subject in France because of Islam there! http://ping.fm/LQA4w
andOBSTACLES: http://ping.fm/tyVyV
OBSTACLES http://ping.fm/gR76j
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 5: The French don't like too much the American Dream, they don't do Dating to build their Family future, preferring to meet girls without rules! http://ping.fm/avB4Q
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 4: This is an American Movie platform diffused from and by the United States Internet companies thanks to my TIMEFRAMES LLC! http://ping.fm/msK1O
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 3: Vince Sauvan is a hero who worked for the French Department of Police before to immigrate in the US because of a Love Story with a Senator's Daughter! http://ping.fm/JB8Mn
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 2: The French Government didn't accept in 2006 and after the idea of a Movie about a French detective married with the CIA young woman! http://ping.fm/To4r7
RESULTSandOBSTACLES 1: Sarkosy doesn't like the FRENCH COP production movie, I have the Feedback of it on a daily basis when I hear about France! http://ping.fm/A9lNn
FAQ-SNAP 30: We have to read and read again the written agenda and the list of contacts' numbers of this Polanski's film kind of story Wonder Woman who was too much for too many Complicity addicted People! http://ping.fm/M5Zgm
FAQ-STAB 29: On a Fax, you can communicate paper words about screen sentences. No code, no spy translation, just a few ideas mixed with some art of lies! http://ping.fm/u2lIo
FAQ-STAB 28: Cell phones give messages to the users of other communication devices: Buzz boxes called, not Laptops but Faxes. Fax creates the buzz in the offices of bad Lawyers! http://ping.fm/grnFl
FAQ-STAB 27: This Brazil and France network (the investigation will find the evidence of it) of anti-Hollywood Boulevard Murder Surprise is synchronized by Cell Phones! http://ping.fm/xlK71
FAQ-STAB 25: Ronni's crime was to network for Californian Movies and Actors commercial Fame, her murderer's gang crime is to show another Film of Life's Censorship! http://ping.fm/3rvrb
MEGASTARS SPECIAL: Wave of Webgrams for the death of an Icon of the Academy Awards at the beginning of the Oscar Race after the Premiere of Burlesque, this is flagrant! http://ping.fm/FpqwI
FAQ-STAB 24: A Jury of Decision, a Judge of Evil Concertation, a Gunner with no knowledge of the reasons, a victim with no reason to be killed except Love! http://ping.fm/6foI8
FAQ-STAB 23: The Judge identity must be the one of a leader in Hollywood, an important franchise signature who was the coordinator of the Jury of restless people! http://ping.fm/lm54j
FAQ-STAB 22: Ronni had probably secrets and enemies but this was not enough to push them to kill, they needed a Judge and a Spy: Mics to record their talks! http://ping.fm/koDHs
FAQ-STAB 21: We must help the Beverly Hills Police and give them information about the face and the name of the person with a gun if we are witnesses or know him/her! http://ping.fm/wrW7n
FAQ-STAB 20: Now we are in a perpetual Nightmare here in Hollywood City, commemorating the soul of a camera's daughter, the sadness is a sickness! http://ping.fm/oSibP
FAQ-STAB 19: Chasen dead, the Contract is signed a second time and the manipulation of the killer who didn't know who the victim was but only her name and hair color! http://ping.fm/CKBW8
FAQ-STAB 18: Ronni Chasen was the Symbol like the Statue of Liberty of our Freedom and Fair Land of the Free. She received bullets to close her eyes and her mouth! http://ping.fm/7gxTY
FAQ-STAB 17: This Regime of Murder and Terror is something not possible inside the US Territory, it must be imported from other States, other eras, from the XXth Century! http://ping.fm/saKxB
FAQ-STAB 16: Hitler had the ambition to persecute the American Culture for the Eternity, he said, and he succeeded after his death to inspire a Regime of Murder! http://ping.fm/OFAjL
FAQ-STAB 15: France, occupied by the Germans until 1945, the denazification was never possible 100%! Their Cinema is protected by the French State againts the US one! http://vidal4senate.blogspot.com
FAQ=STAB 15: France was occupied by the Germans until 1945 and the denazification was never possible 100%! Their Cinema is protected by the French State! http://vidal4senate.blogspot.com
FAQ-STAB 14: Brazil is known for his connection with the Third Reich that prepared a possible defeat againts the Allied and scheduled this South America immigration! http://ping.fm/HOKJa
FAQ-STAB 13: The Jury for that type of illegal punishment is a list of personalities contacted because of their hate and delusion, powerful or not! http://ping.fm/x5G4i
FAQ--STAB 13: The Jury for that type of illegal punishment is a list of personalities contacted because of their hate and delusion, powerful or not! http://ping.fm/46XCG
FAQ-STAB 12: The one who shoots is the one who executes the project of killing somebody, a process of Death Penalty with a Judge and a Jury! http://ping.fm/vtH66
FAQ-STAB 11: Ronni Chasen was emblematic. A crime must be financed when there is a CONTRACT (and probably there was). Money when done, money to prepare! http://ping.fm/erCx5
FAQ-STAB 10: Secret services are secret and receiving their orders from governments. The Film Industry previously named Hollywood is a strong pressure on their culture! http://ping.fm/bHW9T
FAQ-STAB 9: Secret services from foreign countries must be suspected (France, Brazil) regarding Ronni Chasen death by assassination, a Political way of killing for criminologists!
FAQ-STAB 8: Chasen's a myth for me too 'cause the system didn't want me to have a PR to support my career and I could have chosen her to make my day, Too Late! http://ping.fm/e4RWQ
FAQ-STAB 7: Your time is dedicated to her today, Ronni Chasen. Movies are about to be a part of the Intervision as Chasen is a Legend because Shot dead! http://ping.fm/k9l5d
FAQ-STAB 6: She was a Publicist and she had a busy agenda except when she was thinking about her family, a teamwork Public Relations celebrity! http://ping.fm/kzO6W
FAQ-STAB 5: A magazine published the reality of the urban area where Ronni made her days of happiness meeting journalists who wrote for magazines! http://ping.fm/ZEWAW
FAQ-STAB 4: Ronni was not an angel and a man or a woman with a gun, possibly a woman, took her life like you shake the gate in the middle of the night, with no carpet but red blood! http://ping.fm/y4r3x
FAQ-STAB 3: walking on the red carpet from a place to another is a Ritual organized and decided by the producers respecting a tradition of stress and movie promotion for picture use! http://ping.fm/5ALek
FAQ-STAB 2: Ronni was a fantastic Lady and Hollywood was a famous Movie. Together, they had Human Beings to Manage... all the time, she said, she said! http://ping.fm/Jt33l
FAQ-STAB: Ronni was a Lady and Hollywood was a Movie. Together, they had Human Beings to Manage, all the time, she said! http://ping.fm/12lWE
FAQ-STAB 1: A Crime in Hollywood has not been punished. There is a murderer in town who thinks he's gonna celebrate his murder All Life Long! http://ping.fm/iIXpF Ronni's Revenge!
MEGASTARS 13: More screens, that's what we want, more screens on every wall of our town and the keyboard will be our cell phone, a bigger one like the Sky is empty without Stars, stars in the sky! http://ping.fm/t65kM
MEGASTARS 12: Screens don't look like screens, they are a third eye giving us the Alter Vision, the knowledge of Truth connected to the Information the humans share! http://ping.fm/92CIN
MEGASTARS 11: Flowers are the colors of Life and life is a part of Everything! Inside the network, the webgrams are small animals who are looking for more peace and love for Winter! http://ping.fm/1prWF
MEGASTARS 10: Our names have not a lot of prestige on the Spider's Web, they have a role of explanation of our ambition of destiny: OF not OFF! Names change with the sites! http://ping.fm/YMCZM
MEGASTARS 9: I have a site with my campaign pages, a page is a painting with writings and colors all around pictures that show text messages with the decline of the US as a warning and a danger! http://ping.fm/8R2uh
MEGASTARS 8: Computers are made to work, this is not the only thing that is untrue! They are disponible for Mind Expression, an Exterior Brain that give us more Genius! http://ping.fm/o9cAB
MEGASTARS 7: But strangely you don't receive your TV channels on your computer screen (except if you're a Senator). This is a reality that makes no sense! http://ping.fm/fau9F
MEGASTARS 6: The TV, I like it, I like it a lot but not enough to like it witout a computer! The 2 media together are basically the Internet! http://ping.fm/UhhNQ
MEGASTARS 5: The Google TV with SONY is not scheduled as a Priority by the Japan High-Tech Maker and it will slow down the Dream Industry (name of our Gates Galaxy)! http://ping.fm/PUkk9
MEGASTARS 4: SONY is guilty, the Company that created so many concept-products is Japanese and not interested in the American development! http://ping.fm/0Vtgr
MEGASTARS 3: Blogs, Tweets, Webgrams, differents words of a new communication that will erase the old one, no more paper, only screens in 2050 and before? http://ping.fm/nXNyg
MEGASTARS 2: With a PhD Vision, I see a lot wiser, this is what we can repeat all the time, everybody's a PhD all over the NetworK that rules the Planet! http://ping.fm/WfH19
MEGASTARS 1: This program is to write a Web Theory about our universe and its history that we want to be perfect but there are always crisis... http://ping.fm/YH4s2

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Military Day for US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal before a MEGASTARS Night (and RaO Webgrams)!! Rock the Vote a lot! US Web Force!! http://ping.fm/RI68d
Frederic Vidal Recommends United States Air Force - AirForce.com It's Not Science Fiction! http://ping.fm/0retU
Frederic Vidal Recommends America's Navy - A Global Force for Good: Navy.com http://ping.fm/uCdTF
Frederic Vidal Recommends My.Army.mil - Your Army Media. How You Like It. http://ping.fm/uLdmm

My Tweets of the Day! Webgram-Mania

Can a US Senate candidate be a Martyr? No, usually but the reply is Yes if it is in Hollywood but his name is Frederic Vidal so: WEBGRAMS!!

RESULTSandOBSTACLES: 3 words without space to express the definition of a career on a Freeway for the success stopped by a weird Traffic Jam

I dedicate my Twitter to Jesus! Known as O Cristo Redentor in Portuguese, this statue is found in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is 39.6 meters (130 ft) high. The pedestal is 9.5 meters (31 ft) high and 30 meters (98 ft) wide. The statue weighs 700 short tons (635 tons).
RESULTSandOBSTACLES: We are already conceiving the next decade but the past is obviously a light too shiny for a trauma!!! My Tweets on the Ping Blog: http://ping.fm/exprf

My Tweets Are Gates Galaxy's Express Webgrams!

There will not be a McLuhan Galaxy or a McLaren one as DVDs and CDs are only Discs to share and not anumore crucial circles (but the DVD stays the definitive business card for the entertainment industry), Marshall  conceived the Gutenberg Galaxy and the Marconi one meaning the Book civilization and the Television civilization. I gave the name of Microsoft Founder, Gates, to the new Galaxy that represents the Internet, this Galaxy is the Milky Way (the Marconi Galaxy was too far away).

My selection of my best Tweets is dedicated from me to you, to Marshall McLuhan, Malcolm McLaren and Bill Gates. Thank you to Gutenberg and Marconi too!

US Senate Candidate Frederic Vidal Tweets'n Webgrams.

WEBGRAMS: A New Round of Results and Obstacles Webgrams begins now with More WebWords about my Life-Career in the 2000's! I was a Leader!!

WEBGRAMS: we gonna webprint now all the webgrams already inter-published on the Ping Blog (good stats) for a new wave of grams and a Webwave  http://ff.im/-u3ojB

I will Officialize an Internet Party for Thanksgiving! My membership to every SOCIAL MEDIA site is a way to invite the Users to Join it!!

Intervision, supervision, television, these ideas of network evolution are the INTERNET PARTY's main ambition we have to build for More Web!

Intervision is not only a commercial concept, we can use it for politics because it is a principle of multi-media attitude and a true system of connecting groups of people and groups of networkers, people who manage people, for a SUPERVISION than would be a TELEVISION 2.0!!

My Internet Party to be created for Thanksgiving is the result of my Business experience with my LLC, TIMEFRAMES conceived the INTERVISION!

About November 2

Fiorina was Apple and Boxer Snake, I was Adam and Eve got sick: democracy, my girlfriend Ok but I'm filling Lawsuit http://aol.it/bcZPyI

The Apple by John B. Hodges, jbhodges@@blacksburg.net
Eve, the democracy, won't eat a second time the Snake's Apple, Boxer's Forina!

RESULTS&OBSTACLES! The Scandal has a name: LACK OF FREEDOM! Barbara like the Bible's Snake lied to the voters and gave them a Fiorina Apple!

RESULTSandOBSTACLES: Boxer was sure to lose if Vidal was in the ballot, write-in or not. So, she negotiated with the Reps His ISOLATION!!!!

RESULTS&OBSTACLES: Vidal accuses Boxer and Fiorina of a secret agreement against him for his press boycott and Republican Party segregation!

RESULTSandOBSTACLES: No Press Article, permanent censorship in the Old Media, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship, signed Boxer-Fiorina!

RESULTSandOBSTACLES: Political Persecution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_persecution is the name of Frederic Vidal sabotage Nov 2!!

Barbara Boxer is responsible of Persecution, Defamation, Corruption and Harassment against Frederic Vidal, the... http://ff.im/-u4ckg

Defamation, persecution, harassment, corruption: Boxer was a real boxer to shoot the campaign of a fair candidate, Frederic Vidal, PhD

Persecution and Corruption, Defamation and Harassment: 4 ways to break the write-in candidate Frederic Vidal and... http://ff.im/-u4bgQ

US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal accuses Barbara Boxer of Persecution, Defamation, Corruption and Harassment against him after November 2
USAG: The American Trade-Union Project Is a Solution offered to the workers known as Actors for an UNITED GUILD for the 50 STATES ACTORS!!

United States Actors-Guild, UNITED ACTORS! USAG will be the right 2010's Union to create StepbyStep after SAG dissolution and AFTRA merger!!

AFTRA and Screen Actors Guild Merger did not get the majority of the members vote. So, the USA-G, United States Actors-Guild, UNITED ACTORS!

US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal proposes an agreement WIKIPEDIA-MYSPACE to support the Free US Encyclopedia! http://aol.it/atBoa9

FAQ-STAB (new FV channel): evaluators study your sensibility to know your capacity to attract more users or buyers! The Social Media is Free

FAQ-STAB! Evaluation: No CD anymore in 5 years, the remaining format for Hardware Reading would be only DVD? I... http://ff.im/-u3H1B

FAQ-STAB: Dashboard Disclosure is unusual for webbers 1.0! Change for a 2.1 style of Inter-Life, the Net is a Web! You're the Spidernaut!

McLuhan is dead, the CD is obsolete, buy your music online, upgrade your TV set with a computer: Messages of... http://ff.im/-u3IKt

Friday, November 19, 2010

Barbara Boxer is responsible of Persecution, Defamation, Corruption and Harassment against Frederic Vidal, the write-in candidate who writes to the US Senate tomorrow! More in ResultsandObstacles http://ping.fm/NnKYK
Results and Obstacles: REVELATIONS at 9pm and later for the Massive Comeback of the Social Media Leader, Internet Party President: Frederic Vidal! In 3 hours, Pacific Time! http://ping.fm/kda87
FAQ-STAB! Evaluation: No CD anymore in 5 years, the remaining format for Hardware Reading would be only DVD? I think so with the attractivity of the Q&A rewritable DVD! McLuhan's dead! http://ping.fm/UPd5h
WEBGRAMS: we gonna webprint now all the webgrams already inter-published on the Ping Blog (good stats) for a new wave of grams and a Webwave of MegaStars news in a second time! Main Sites: AIM, Twitter, Friendfeed, Ping!

Webgrams: The New Concept is Crucial for the INTERVISION complete commercial Supremacy!

Webgrams: The New Concept is Crucial for the INTERVISION complete commercial Supremacy!

The Television is not an old memory but the Media that ruled the world for half a century! There was before the radio, the press only, newspapers

Mcluhan was wrong and a fascinating mind who proposed a vision with no inter-connection (he would have been probably against it, too fascinated by the television) between the media. The global village, a concept now dilusional, was studied around television only and this was a mistake. Ubiquity is possible only with the Social Media! Teleportation is a reality in the computer universe, a mental teleportation and a physical one thanks to your picture that can be a real icon if enough diffused on the World Wide Web. The 3 letters, WWW, is the right logo.

The message is not the medium anymore and the new Galaxy will not be called the McLuhan Galaxy but the Gates Galaxy, as Bill Gates was not involved in Watergate!!!

Computers are not machines without soul, they have your soul, you can do what you want with them, nobody can prevent you to build your success, destiny and happiness with your keyboard. You communicate with words and, surpirse, there is a camera too, looking at you and ready for use, to record or transfer live your image for a videophone conversation or a Youtube masterpiece.

Television is not interactive and your laptop is the best way to be everywhere all atound the world because your friends are watching you, sending you news, waiting for your messages from all over the world!

(in progress).

Marshall McLuhan biography, a man and a symbol,
who was thinking that computers were a possible danger!

There is an R & D important upgrade to decide in many businesses in and outside the Internet industry: Commercial science, Research and Development in a more Doctoral way, or this second generation of the main New Media will be obsolete in a few years. Let's speak of INTERNET 2.0 for this end of year and 2011, the television competition is still a risk and the definitive victory of the MIX MEDIUM will take place probably in 2012 when regular XXe century TV will go to the Museum like radios were not the dominant medium beginning the 1960's.
My Love is Infinite and When I Think about Her, I feel High and Inspired to be In a higher Position with a Nomination in Washington, District of Columbia, as a Senator for example! http://ping.fm/fy9dO
Love is in the Air! We close to the right Freeway to the Stars where we will find the direction: LOS ANGELES! A Romance City with many Journalists to write our Happiness! Check on Google Map! http://ping.fm/0Ofjk

Thursday, November 18, 2010

1,836 Followers on Twitter! US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal presents now the 2nd part of his Post-November 2-2nd Vote Campaign on the most adorable Micro-Blog service! http://ping.fm/rzJ97

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Washington Post is unable to manage the news about the overdose of the Obama generation about bad administration and culture!
Nicolas Sarkosy Ingerence in America prevent the production of the movie FRENCH COP!
GOSSIPGATE: Barack Obama and Blake Lively!! We have the evidence that this couple is a reality!
MEGASTARS Spider's Web: This is a necessary project for democracy! President Obama did too many mistakes in 2 years! http://ping.fm/JIcOY
MEGASTARS Spider's Web: This is a necessary project for democracy! President Obama did too many mistakls in 2 years! http://ping.fm/Z4zOM
MEGASTARS Spider's Web: This is a necessary project for democracy! President Obama did too many mistakles in 2 years! http://ping.fm/HAlhP
MEGASTARS Spider's Web: Beginning tomorrow, Barack Obama Impeachment Agenda and Organization Project will be studied in INTERVISION! Impeach Obama Campaign! http://ping.fm/M6YKK
Barack Obama Impeachment: It's something in progress!!