Sunday, January 30, 2011 Revolution or not, the Egyptians are about to forget their history if they accept to continue the dispute about social problems and government! General Colin Powell was a great Secretary of State and I suppose that he would be a perfect President of the United States! I will invite him for an evaluation of our Policy, not abroad but in DC with the American embassies on location! We can manage a reorganization of the Washington area networking with the Security and possibly the NSA that is a crucial institution to check the information and control the activities of the people who work for Foreign Countries! Peace is our Message and War is our Reply, only when Peace is not possible, it happens sometimes when there is a Miscommunication, like today between America and the Islamic World: we want everybody to understand that Innovation means Progress, INNOVATION MEANS PROGRESS! Egypt is the Friend of my Country, a State invited to be a Partner, but not in crime! I am pro-Negotiations between the opposition and the elected President of the Country: Hosni Mubarak! 2011 Egyptian protests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Better and Better, The Policy of Barack Obama Deserves a Stronger Support in DC even if we need to know the Responsabilities of the Congress regarding the Waste of Time of out US TAKE OFF!

Better and Better, The Policy of Barack Obama Deserves a Stronger Support in DC even if we need to know the Responsabilities of the Congress regarding the Waste of Time of out US TAKE OFF!

Text in progress on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin directly or sent by!

The NSA, the US Air Force, the US Army and the Navy are the leader-organizations to be involved in the modernization of the Administration and the Reorganization of the Media Democracy in America as EXAMPLES FOR OUR COUNTRY of a High Tech evolution to Build the Future today: Democracy, from the Capitol to the Sea (West Coast)!

Out-innovating, out-educating and out-building: the 3 rules to respect! Barack Obama doesn't want a State without Out-THINKING and DEALING for REFORMING and MODERNIZING!

The EOP, Executive Office of the President is the main Office of the With House after the Oval one!

The OMB (Office of Management and Budget) is now operational for the INNOVATION program of Barack Obama: The High-Speed Diffusion of the Power for the USA! Jeff Zients Will Lead Reorganization of Federal Government – Barack Obama | Government News from the White House and Congress – Senate/House of Representatives.

On Twitter, the 2 addresses that make the world feel better:

On Facebook:

Barack Obama is the Peace Nobel Prize and the General Manager of our Country in 2010. In 2011 and 2012, he's still IN CHARGE for an Upgrade of our Democracy and, as his most well-known Adviser (even if I have not an office at the White House, or in Washington until now), I want more Ambition for the United States government that does not include obviously the Congress, a bunch of politicians who are not understanding what a Vote is, the vote of a Law or the vote for their election.

I will be in the District of Columbia in March with the Tea Party and my California PhD Team to give my personal feedback to the Media and the President: LET'S BUILD THE WORLD BETTER, FASTER like the Sputnik of our dreams! Barack has my support and I will not vote for him, I am your Presidential candidate for a friendly campaign and not a campaign of hate! America is our Motto!

But first, I am sure the Supreme Court will cancel the Senate election in California where I was candidate but unable to be elected because of a criminal sabotage organized by a network that include many people to identify!

Frederic Vidal, PhD The OMB (Office of Management and Budget) is now operational for the INNOVATION program of Barack Obama: The High-Speed Diffusion of the Power for the USA! Jeff Zients Will Lead Reorganization of Federal Government - Barack Obama | Government News from the White House and Congress - Senate/House of Representatives

Friday, January 28, 2011 I play tonight: Pig n' Whistle, 7pm (6714 Hollywood Blvd, 90028)! Tomorrow, party beginning 7 at 6218 Rockcliff Drive, 90068! BE THERE! Signed: Fred. I just signed my first record deal with ISLAND RECORDS / DEF JAM!! A Single in Progress: SILLY/JE HAIS LA FRANCE! The Other Artists of the Label | Artists | Island Def Jam Alert PYRAMID! Egypt Chaos after the State of the Union Address, a possible Revolution in progress! The United States must be sure that the Wikileaks attacks last year are the reason of this Tragedy in a Country close to Israel! There is a risk of War if Peace is not back in Egypt, after the end of this Social Distortion! 2011 Egyptian protests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogger: Frederic Vidal, US Senator in Washington, DC - Publish Status

USA, 3 letters that mean NO CONGRESS WITHOUT ME!

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Washington Monument.
This image or file is a work of a US Air Force Airman.

Barbara Boxer must resign! My Congress is the one of the United States and we will not lose anymore time before the new wind of 2013 in our trees of Patriotism and Tenderness for our Fathers: The Native Americans!

In California, we have no Hope right now to have this election cancelled because we have no reply from the Secretary of State and no journalists writing to support us or maybe I don't read enough the Newspapers. I don't watch TV, I am a Webber but not only, I dream about my Country only! USA, 3 letters that mean NO CONGRESS WITHOUT ME!

I won't wait until 2025 to be elected President and I want a seat of Senator to express myself in Washington, the name of the founder of the Federation of the Free States that became independent after the war against the United Kingdom, the Great Britain that decided to have colonies on another Land, named America by the Europeans leaded by England, a State that accepted to respect us, Americans as brothers and sisters building a new prototype of Sovereignty: the CAPITALISM!

But this Capitalism refuses to accept my name, that is not Secret at all, my name is Liberty when the the Program of the Opposition against  Barack Obama is to destroy my Community: THE VOTERS! Where is the Principle of Hope that is the inspiration of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. What about the Bill of Rights? Forgotten by a network of fools like John Boehner, Eric Cantor and other bad players who organized the cancellation of my candidacy because THEY DON'T WANT A NEW REAGAN but a Tea Party at the White House meaning another President and not a Republican one!

Frederic Vidal, PhD

"My best wishes, in the joys, and festivities, and the solemn services of that day on which will be completed the fiftieth year from its birth, of the independence of the United States: a memorable epoch in the annals of the human race, destined in future history to form the brightest or the blackest page, according to the use or the abuse of those political institutions by which they shall, in time to come, be shaped by the human mind."

John Adams, 1826
US Navy 031029-N-6236G-001 A painting of President John Adams (1735-1826), 2nd president of the United States, by Asher B. Durand (1767-1845).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Our Troops! Give Access to High-Speed Rails to 80% Americans! I am prepared to work with Republicans and Democrats! The Debate will be Difficult! It will take Time! Let's support new Businesses! REBUILDING AMERICA! From High-Speed Rails to High-Speed Internet! Thousands of students excellent in their schools, who are not Americans! I urge Reps and Dems to work together to make that happen! Clean Energy Source!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spuer-Computers, Nuclear facilities, ELECTRIC VEHICLES ON THE ROAD! I-N-N-O-V-A-T-I-O-N! Our Security protects our Planet!! MILLIONS OF NEW JOBS, Our generation SPUTNIK MOMENT! The Press needs a new Goal: TO BE FAIR! First step for the Future: AMERICA INNOVATION! The Future is ours to Win, not a Gift, an ACHIEVEMENT! Boehner does not agree! Obama about WORKERS and COMPANIES: We are the Best! The Champions, A Nation! Barack Obama is ready for his 2 years challenge: to make the Country feel better! Obama deserves better! Biden sleeping! Joe Biden appears not enough supporting Obama! Boehner ridiculous, Biden Ok, OBAMA STAR! OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for the President! Hillary, the Secretary of State! More and More Guests invited by the Constitution! CLINTON! A Beautiful Lady! Michelle Obama! Roberts and the Supreme Court! The Buzz continues: Obama is about to begin his Speech and will be there in this huge arena mixing Senators and Representatives in a moment! 7 minutes before 9 in DC and 6 in LA! Boehner on CNN TV! I am proud to be PhD and will join them as a Senator before the end of this year, if the Justice agrees! The new elected Republicans are so proud to be there with a mandate! The Congress for its most important event since its building! The Congress with Mr. Brown now! So many people! These Congressmembers are really happy to be there! 13 minutes! The audience at the balcony!
This is a mistake, let's respect Mrs. Kelly and wait for Obama, our next President?
No mourning for the Arizona Congresswoman! Everybody laughing!
McCain, Kerry together, what a surprise! Hillary Clinton, smiling!
Biden is inside the Assembly Hall!
All the Webgrams: On CNN Intervision: In 22 Minutes THE SPUTNIK, Barack Obama, our Greatest President of them All! Webgrams:
All the Webgrams: 9pm ET 6pm PT! In 41 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!! On CNN! All the Webgrams:
All the Webgrams: 9pm ET 6pm PT! In 52 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!! On CNN! All the Webgrams:
All the Webgrams: 9pm ET 6pm PT! This is the High Tech Timing for the Address! The right address is the White House! So, let's prepare the Celebration of our President in our 1 hour and 45 minutes! On CNN! All the Webgrams:
All the Webgrams: Obama Live with the Congress on the Web: CNN! All the Webgrams:
All the Webgrams: WATCH THE ADDRESS, Obama Live: On CNN! All the Webgrams: Barack Obama Live in 22 minutes! Watch him on CNN Code: The First INTERVISION Official Program LIVE! Webgrams of the Address: In 25 minutes, the State of the Union Address! Exclusive FACEBOOK! Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States is a Sincere man and a true Hero! Barack is a great Leader but more than a Leader, a Patriot who wants a Future for us, not a permanent chaos in our heads! The Republic...ans are a Grand Old Party with so many Supporters of the Tea who criticize the wonderful symbol of our Democracy: a Politician who decided to promote Peace more than War, for the first time in our History! About the Gate without Water, I wait for the Reply of the Congress Majority tonight, before a second press release on Sunday! The STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS is the most important Speech of Obama's Life, his Unique Chance to get 4 additional years at the White House, the Home of the Nation and Capitol's second home (if you want it!)! Signed: Frederic Vidal, PhD

Monday, January 24, 2011 HTP: I am ready to prepare the campaign of the Hollywood Tea Party against his President who is irresponsible! Mr. Luke Vincent is a specialist of political manipulation and disagree with the other Tea Parties in America that want the Republicans at the White House in 2013! As the Secretary of the HTP, I will not accept anymore webgrams signed by LUKE on the Internet! The Intervision is not a Totalitarism! The Tea Party is a Community of Men and Women able to network for more democracy in our Country and a positive partnership with Barack Obama before and after tomorrow's Address, Mr. Vincent didn't want that! Bye! ALERT! Breaking News CNN: One Day before the American State of the Union Address, The Terrorists Attack the Russian State, friend of the United States! The USA proposes to Russia their SOLIDARITY, including a Military Cooperation for the Investigation! The Suicide Bomber was not a Human Being! CNN: According to the Russian authorities, Terrorist bombing at Moscow airport kills 35 -, the Best of the Intervision!

Friday, January 21, 2011 HTP Intervision Webgram #1: WALL STREET is the Most Important and Crucial Institution in the United States after the White House and the Pentagon! This is my first Idea-Program for the HOLLYWOOD TEA PARTY! In the Gates Galaxy, we need more and more COMPANIES to be invited at the STOCK EXCHANGE for the Investors and the Banks to FINANCE their PRODUCTION!! Informatics, Buildings, PUBLISHING, Entertainment, FACTORIES, Restaurants are the Priorities and a NEW CAR GENERATION with High Tech Automobiles and Motorcycles!!!! Planes Next Generation is also another Progress of this decade: THE 2010's! It is necessary now to criticize the writings of Luke Vincent who is the President of the Hollywood Tea Party. As the Secretary of this new local Club of the Tea, I am focusing on a more understandable Program for our Followers and Supporters to BUILD THE CAMPAIGN of the US Senate Second Vote and THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION! I disagree 100% with his messages that represent a wrong blah blah blah about our Country Life! Politics, propositions, critics are the daily content of our Democracy #1! The National Tea Party needs a Candidate for the White House, not Luke Vincent as their Ideologist! US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal, a PhD who works for you! INTERVISION, Official Webgram! Sent with I want a CARVIN Guitar to Sound Like a Wall of Music everywhere for everybody with my band BRAMSTOCKER! - Guitars, Amplifiers & Pro Audio These Guitars are Made for Guitarists!

Thursday, January 20, 2011 A new step for Google: it is what we need before the Presidential election! My competitors have no ambition for the Intervision, they are lost in a world that they don't understand! Especially the Republicans who need a leader like me, a specialist of the Mass Media, a Theorician of the new Century, legacy of the Galaxies that lost their attractivity: Press and Television! More computers, it's what the Americans need and first, MORE SCREENS with a permanent access to EVERY CHANNELS, even the foreign ones! As I will be elected and not Barack Obama, We will have together TV channels, Internet Channels (previously called Sites), Radio Channels, Press channels as the Newspapers are now MULTIMEDIA! THOUSANDS OF CHANNELS! Welcome to the new Google CEO! Google Co-Founder Larry Page Will Be CEO in Shake-Up! ALERT! As an Official Candidate for The United States Presidential Election, I don't accept the critics of Mrs. Palin who cannot accuse somebody in America to be Jewish! We are all Jewish because Hitler did not win the World War 2 and Israel is still our Best Friend! The Bible was written by Jews and our Congress is there to Support our Fight for Liberty as God is the only Truth! Signed: US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal, PhD! Read: Palin's blood libel charge ignites firestorm | Reuters Thanks to Him (God): Gabrielle Giffords is Alive and Ready to go back to the Congress ASAP because she's Jew (and proud of it!) ALERT!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 This is an important Website about ARCHEOLOGY that Luke Vincent selected for Us, Supporters of the TEA PARTY, inspired, according to him, by the Ancient Times (Roma, Athens), as Dinosaurs were Updated by the Human Being - God Said Man Said US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal Presents The Hollywood Tea Party's President Luke Vincent Webgram of the Day: "HTP; Economy&govFinance; worseThanWeAdmit. ButNoIdiocyPlease. SellingPublicAssetsIsLunacy. LA PrkgStructures&CalBldgsWillSave/earnFarMoreInA generation than the fire sale prices now. Sensible practice ALWAYS builds assets 4 the future, NEVER the other/wrong way around. Some have long wanted much or all public property sold, privatized. Bad idea, common holdings enrich a whole society, everyone. Such must never be sacrificed for short term needs or temptations. So how to fix budgets? LUKE"

Monday, January 17, 2011 Hollywood Tea party's President Luke Vincent: "HTP; CharityIsMostImportant&allNeedToDoWorks of Charity. ButGovrmt?No! GivingMustBprivate& voluntary. PublicHandoutsViaTaxesIsUnlawful& corrupts a republican form of govt by basically buying votes with the public treasury. It is said that democracies in history have only lasted until people found that they could vote their way into the treasury, then they collapsed. More and bigger is that the VIRTUE of giving to others is robbed by involuntary systems. demogogues claim credit for giving yours! LUKE"

Sunday, January 16, 2011 BRAMSTOCKER Live on Hollywood Boulevard: PIG N' WHISTLE, 6714 Hollywood Boulevard
! 2nd Show: JANUARY 28, 8pm (be there at 7:30) $9 with other bands! TRIBUTE to Magazine LAJEMM – The Los Angeles Journal for Education on Medical Marijuana! More Webgrams beginning Tomorrow Monday, We are Mid-january and the Year is 2011 for everybody! Amen Me! A Dot Com 100% Christian and Supported by Fred Vidal, PhD, the Candidate of every Religion on Earth, including the One we want for the Next Century, the Love on Earth System of FAITH: Oecumenism! Have a Great SUNDAY with Us Online! Amen Me! A Dot Com 100% Christian and Supported by Fred Vidal, PhD, the Candidate of every Religion on Earth, including the One we want for the Next Century, the Love on Earth System of FAITH: Oecumenism! Have a Great SUNDAY with Us Online!

Thursday, January 13, 2011 Communique Webgram! US Senate Candidate is proud to inform you: BRAMSTOCKER Live on Hollywood Boulevard! 2nd Show: JANUARY 28, 8pm (be there at 7:30) $9 with other bands! TRIBUTE to Magazine LAJEMM – The Los Angeles Journal for Education on Medical Marijuana! Let's Rock! NO BAD POLITICS! Still Campaigning for the US Senate!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 Hollywood Tea Party Communique: "HTP;NOBODYshotBackAtThisIdiotJaredEvenIn Arizona.SuchAbastardCanCOUNTonBeingTheONLY oneWithAgunInMostPlacesToday.SuchIsWhatWeGet withGunCntrl;NOT real safety, but the opposite. Who cares for laws? Only law-abiding people, not thugs, crooks, or nuts. LUKE" US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal is proud to propose you A Luke Vincent, Webgram Diffused, ARTICLE sponsored by the Hollywood Tea Party in a moment! The Signature LUKE is now famous all over the Web thanks to the Presidential party of the US Senate candidate nicknamed PhD and thanks to the Social Media (Facebook first, great guys!) decided to share the Values of the INTERVISION Worldwide! BREAKING NEWS (15 minutes ago). Official Communique of BLOOMBERG: "Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News, has filed documents opposing the Comcast-NBC Universal combination as it was proposed!" Comcast Faces Online-Video, Web Conditions for NBC Deal - Bloomberg "I will do my best to have COMCAST available for MGM ASAP because Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer does not deserve a bankruptcy and TIMEFRAMES LLC is ready to Boost NBC-U!" Frederic Vidal, PhD! READ THE COMPLETE Bloomberg.Com ARTICLE:

Monday, January 10, 2011 I am in touch with this new Comic Company that could be the publisher of FRENCH COP and MIKE FULLER, 2 Comics to be Negotiated after a 1st Talk in San Diego yesterday for the American Library Association Convention! I will invite them to read our Timeframes documents online on Facebook and Myspace before a 2nd round of Talks! Welcome to BOOM! Studios - BIG. BOLD. BOOM! - Home Page - STAN LEE’S THE TRAVELER #2 In Stores Now! Stan Lee is back like in the 60's for more Super Heroes after his MARVEL universe creation as the God of the American Post-Novelism called Comic Book Culture (CBC)! It's time to accelerate the process of communication in the United States with a Faster and Smarter Wave of Text Messages about the News that INTERVISION is our NEXT GEN Industry For A FRENCH COP Movie Release followed by a Franchise Wave of Merchandising and FAN CLUB Development! Use to Communicate About It FROM COMPUTER TO CELL PHONES! Free Text Messaging - Send Free Text Messages to Any Provider of SMS Texting. ALERT! New Prime Minister in Great Britain, DAVID CAMERON! Cameron: Strikes don't work - europe - world | Robert Gates is our Defense Secretary and a great one! The Presidential Party is supporting his strategy for A Stronger America and a better understanding that we need less Soldiers and More Equipments! Troops are important but MATERIALS are more crucial to win a war or stop a crisis FOR PEACE ONLY! - Read the Biography of Robert Gates, who was responsible of the CIA previously, the organization that we want to work on the Hollywood Problem (Actors, directors and producers together for a Mess in the media and the population about Fake Couples, Pornography, Human Trafficking, Drugs and anti-Americanism with an international network of diffusion of their films)! Robert Gates on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I am supporting Stephen Box for the City Council with my Hollywood Tea Party and I will propose him to support me for the United States with the Presidential Party as we are scheduling the Second Vote in September after the cancellation of the illegal first one by the Judge before June! Justice will make Democracy prevail! Signed: US Senate Candidate Frederic Vidal, PhD phd New Webgram signed by our Hollywood Mastermind Luke Vincent, HTP President! We continue the Arizona Crisis Investigation All-Year-Long PROGRAM, MonicaGate 2, in a moment! "HTP; genocide, war, oppression, jihad, in Sudan has never been well reported inMnstrmMedia; Who has beenKillingEnslavingWhom? 4howLong? Now An interesting new story of an effort led by George Clooney and Not on Our Watch, Enough, Harvard, the UNO, Google, & Trellon to make live satelite views of the proposed border between north and south Sudan accessable on the internet. The Hope is to prevent finally after 14 centuries further jihad, oppression, or more Genocide. Tea Party & the world must support this. LUKE" Unique and perfect Example, the Most Uncanny One and A Diamond on its Own, Of The INTERVISION, the new MEDIUM of The Gates (Bill and Robert) Galaxy: THIS USA TODAY MultiMedia Article about a Political Murder! Congrats To USA T., a Press Site and Papergram that makes the United States proud of our Communication Network of Heroes (the journalists!)! ABOUT THE SHOT of Gabrielle Kelly (the married name of this nice Congresswoman with husband Kelly being a NASA Space Shutlle's cosmonaut, believe it or not!), WE ARE STILL INVESTIGATING the reasons of the murder and more and more specialists think about Hillary Clinton and the MONICAGATE! The Democrats are in the middle of a crisis, Boehner is the Leader in the DC (District of Columbia) and Arizona is a State with a background connected to our Secretary of State and her Presidential Ambition to continue the tradition of her husband, Bill, who was President then almost impeached by the Congress. This time, Obama is accused by millions of Americans and the victim of the assassination plan was close to the environment of the competitive and conflictual Duet Barack-Hillary! The Police continues its work to prepare the massacre punishment by the Justice, in a second time ,AND WE WILL KNOW MORE LATER, this Week, let's schedule on our Agenda! Thanks! Signed: Fred KELLY (SAG name of our Preferred US Senate candidate!) GABRIELLE WON'T NEVER DIE (meaning will never die in ancient English) before the end of her Congress mandate! Giffords+shooting+leaves+nation+stunned Giffords+shooting+leaves+nation+stunned/42804638001/40264770001/744094657001 Videos: News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology & More -

Sunday, January 9, 2011 The ALA (American Library Association) 2011 Midwinter Meeting is in progress January 7-11, 2011 in San Diego, California with The U.S. Government Printing Office, that I studied in my Dissertation for my Doctorate in Communication and Semiotics about Government Information and Social Propaganda!

Saturday, January 8, 2011 ARIZONA CRISIS! Tucson rampage casts light on toxic political tone - Yahoo! News ARIZONA CRISIS! At Giffords's Office, Drumming Against Hate - ARIZONA CRISIS! YouTube - Rep. Giffords Shot, 6 Killed in Ariz. Rampage ARIZONA CRISIS! Giffords 'fearless' despite threats, colleague says -
Slain judge was target of threats in '09; officials doubt link to Giffords shooting Frederic Vidal supports Gabrielle Giffords, a rising star of the Democratic Party in the U.S. House of Representatives, elected to Congress in 2006! Doctors are Very Optimistic!!!!! BIOGRAPHY! Gabrielle Giffords: Congresswoman seen as rising Democratic star ARIZONA CRISIS: Special Breaking News Webgrams! The United States must organize a Quality management for the Government and the Obama Adminstration! MORE SECURITY FOR THE CONGRESS MEMBERS! The Congress will obviously creates an Investigation Commission Next Week (January 10-16, 2011) to proposes a REFORM of the Senators and representatives Protection, Career and Teams (deputies)! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia! REMINDER: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and critically injured Saturday during a meet-and-greet with constituents at a Tucson supermarket! GABRIELLE, WE LOVE YOU (Jagger/Richards)! US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal in San Diego for the Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Conference is sharing his Emotion: "This is like Kennedy's murder! These innocent people and Gabrielle (an Angel in Washington, Hope of our American Families), a young Congresswoman of my beloved State of Arizona where I was in 2003 (Phoenix) for the beginning of my Movie Career, were attacked by the worst terrorists on Earth: Americans ready to kill for their program of hate and poverty development because they don't want to understand our ideas of anti-crisis projects. They are manipulated by foreign Countries and enemies of the USA! This is all about politics, we need the Obamagate to be voted by the two Congress Chambers, we need the Presidential election next year, we need MORE SECURITY IN OUR LAND OF THE FREE!" ALERT! Justice In Progress: 2nd Suspect Sought in Arizona Shooting!! Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot in Tucson - ALERT! Breaking News! The United States are informed now of the worst news of the Decade and the Year! US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal accuses a Missing Security on Location!!!!! Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona Congresswoman, shot in Tucson -
ALERT! ALERT! CRITICAL CONDITION for U.S. Representative for Arizona's 8th congressional district Gabrielle Giffords The 2011 Tucson shooting happened at 10 a.m. MST on Saturday, January 8, 2011, when 19 people were shot during a Congresswoman's meeting in a Safeway grocery store parking lot in Casas Adobes, near Tucson, Arizona, United States. Six people were killed, including a congressional aide and Federal Judge John McCarthy Roll. U.S. Representative for Arizona's 8th congressional district Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at close range and is in critical condition. Twelve to eighteen people were wounded. A 22-year-old man named Jared Lee Loughner has been arrested in connection with the shooting. 2011 Tucson shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mike Fuller, Presidential candidate Recommends: June 23-28, NEW ORLEANS! ANNUAL CONFERENCE! ALA Annual | The World's Largest & Most Dynamic Library Conference & Exhibition The ALA 2011 Midwinter Meeting, January 7-11, 2011 is held in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center! 12,000 visitors including the US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal, PhD preparing the 2nd Vote in September to beat definitely Senator Barbara Boxer! From San Diego, a Very Interesting Site Concerning a Beautiful Business Model Company, well known to be famous in every Library and Bookstore: SRMO - SAGE Research Methods Online The only way to upgrade this famous 3 letters www meaning Intervision is TO MAKE THE NET A FREEDOM LAND, NO Pornography & NO Violence On The Web - this is the GOAL of The Online Mom WebSite! The Online Mom is our only mom for Monitoring the wrong web and the right one: OURS with Secured Social Media SERVICES, thousands of them! Still fragile but ambitious enough to be the Television successor, the Web believes in Facebook and we are sure that Facebook believes in the Web! Read the article about the Intervision in 2011: Facebook – king of the internet or the next MySpace? - Business Analysis & Features, Business - The Independent Is Facebook a Danger or a Tool Against Danger? Facebookers are wise enough to reply: The Social Media #1 is a smart directory and not a wild network! Read: Facebook 'Attack a Teacher Day' invite gets girls arrested | Technically Incorrect - CNET News PREPAID LEGAL DOT COM! Intervision Webgrams this Weekend are about this Useful System of Professional SOLIDARITY! We give members access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal problems, but for everyday events such as: buying a house or a car, creating a will,
handling a problem with an insurance company,
dealing with identity theft and much more where legal review should be routine, but rarely is. Visit the Intervision Linked Site of PPLS Inc. sponsored (and not only) by me and the Frederic Vidal HILLSCODE United States Senatorial Program AGAINST democrats and republicans accused to MIX Politics and Business, they are not DOING NONPROFITS!!!!!!!! We Do N.P. all the time, n-o-n-p-r-o-f-i-t ONLY (my LLC personal benefits will go to TIMEFRAMES only!) The United States Candidate Frederic Vidal is this Weekend in San Diego for the Convention of PREPAID LEGAL SERVICES, INC, a NonProfit Company working for more Lawyers and Population Community Welfare in a State that we improve EVERYDAY: The United America! Our Country, from Canada to Mexico, 2 Borders that are pretty crucial for our Economy. In San Diego, The Mexican Border is one of the subjects studied this weekend by our next California Senator (confirmed Lead by the Intervision polls), scheduling now the cancellation by the Judge of November 2 Vote for JUNE and the second Vote in SEPTEMBER 2011, a definitive DEADLINE, according to DC insiders (the US Senate Needs a real Majority)! Visit the TEAM FREEDOM Site of The Emblematic Candidate of California and Hero of the Decade:

Friday, January 7, 2011 US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal is diffusing this spectacular text by Mr. Vincent and proposes to verify the truth of this information! "HTP; TheFederalReserveMustB audited&abolishedOr altered. SecretlyPowerful,dangerous,unconstitutional, theFed is our biggest problem4TeaPrty&America arguably. Any Tea Party platform needs this at the top. A corrupt group of congressmen in 1913 gave a private consortium of international bankers control of U.S. finance and our economy. This private central bank has been estimated to drain $500 billion anually from our economy. Serious major issue indeed. LUKE" Tonight's the Night! BRAMSTOCKER Live on Stage in the best LA Location for Rock Music (except Sunset Strip): The Pig'n Whistle! Be There at 8, right on time (title of the show)! Frederic Vidal at his best with his campaign for the US Senate program to share between each song!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Read this Hollywood Tea Party Webgram Message HTP; Certain corporations are ruining the earth, poisoning food, water,&air, killing us in many ways, pushing drugs & surgery, corrupting govt's damaging economies; impoverishing the world. Corp's that have become destructive must be disolved & others restricted. They can not be allowed to buy stock in other companies let alone buy them out. Tax&liability law should favor small one owner biz's as must all regulation. The world spirals down to the abyss currently. LUKE Business Lunch Today For the US Senate Candidate Frederic Vidal at The Happy Ending Bar and Restaurant, on Sunset in Hollywood! The Agenda: To Prepare a New Generation of Biz Partners in California, Closer to the Law and Sharing the Mission to Get More Contracts for Every Company that Works for Products Diffusion or Services!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 "Hlwd Tea Prty Notice: our event on 1-8-11 will be postponed for at least 1 week as we need to contact more people to be ready for a productive mtg. More & better ideas are needed for a Tea Party platform than has been seen so far.Hollywood Tea Party should make our own proposal. Probably the same location at the Hlwd Roosevelt Hotel. Would be overjoyed to get prior contacts. Frederic Vidal, US Senate candidate ...818-863-0523" LUKE Webgram Alert! There is somebody in Hollywood-Timeframes who had some problems with his company and didn't take the time to solve his difficulties to load the right system of filming in his computer, his name is not Tom Cruise but Brad Pitt! I'm here to help him doing worse if he wants! He's not anymore in the (dream)cast of The German Spy but a possible Actor for PARALLEL PEOPLE, a Motion Picture dedicated to Alba Jessica, a Newcomer with a TV Show in her SpaceFrame Resume! Take the time to Submit Jessica! I love Network Icebreakers! See you, guys! (signed: a witness of everything, not Mr. Vidal)! Congrats! Webgram Alert: Barack Obama is not only President but also responsible of the Congress Work with a Chamber outside the House (White) leaded by a GOP Speaker in touch with a Lady we don't really Understand! Her name is Lisbeth Lyons, she is John Boehner’s Alleged Girlfriend (Photos, Video). READ the Article (RightFielders Women in Sports) and let's check if it's a Gate, another Link (Web or not) or only a Gossip with a Mystery GIRL! Investigations are Necessary in a Democracy like Ours! Webgram Alert! Boehner has a problem: his reputation and he does not like Sarah Palin because he likes only Men, Congressmen and Congresswomen (like Barbara B., the Shame of California!) Webgram Alert: Boehner has a problem: his reputation and he does not like Sarah Palin because he likes only Men, Congressmen and Congresswomen (like Barbara B., the Shame of California!) Webgram Alert: Boehner has a problem: his reputation and he does not like Sarah Palin because he likes only Men, Congressmen and Congresswomen (like Barbara B., the Shame of California!) Webgram Alert: Fake White House Christmas E-Card Swipes Government Documents Webgram Alert: Schwarzenegger's Legacy: Last Action Hero Awaits History's Judgment! Arnold walked off stage in Sacramento on Monday, leaving behind a $28-billion budget shortfall (what a shame for Mr. Terminator!) , a job approval rating of 23 percent (or less), and many critical media reviews of his governorship. Webgram Alert: House GOP Might Want to Skip Over Some Parts of Constitution The Speaker of the House has a name that means Happiness in French and we must accept that he is not Happy (Jagger/Richards) in his Family: The GOP, grand old party, Republican or not! He wants to be President, for sure, because (Lennon/McCartney) he is better than Luke Vincent to give us a gift expressing a future that we don't want to share with him: the chaos of our American Civilization, struggling against Obama and me, THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT, he is in the middle of nowhere because we have no time to lose and no place to listen to somebody who wants to be the center of our political world, the center is not the geometry point that wins, you'll see that in 12, bad winners of 10! BRAMSTOCKER Vs METALLICA: The right Combat on a Ring that will be a Stadium In Las Vegas if we find the promoters to organize this new Cassius Clay-Joe Frazier Music Boxing Event between 2 Bands that are hating each other (according to Metallica and Bramstocker, except the 2 leadsingers)! I am fully aware of the responsability to organize the show with the Tour management of my Competitors, I will play The Beatles, they will play The Rolling Stones, for a total KO of the other band after 15 rounds/songs LIVE on STAGE! Read their Intervision Site and believe that Death Metal (Brams.) and Death Magnetic (Metal.) cannot be friends In Concert or on the Radio! But we are Human Beings too, and, to a great extend (humor!), STARS (of the Rock'n Roll Show)! (signed: US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal, and Leadsinger of the Punk band)! Lohan by Vidal, a Wordpress by Timeframes, Social Media by Intervision, Tabloid by Blog! Lohan by Vidal: A Masterpiece of our Present Times (before a date in January!) Read it if you are aware of her with him as a couple in love! But the (next CA) Senator is still an available single looking now for more time to decide what to plan for his future First Lady!
Thousands of people are still reading everyday this article I wrote in december for the best actress of the TIMEFRAMES generation, a passion killer lady that I want mine for a movie called FRENCH COP, the character will be Angela (or another first name) Pellegrino (famous on Myspace, to be continued with more FCU links): "As Fred Vidal, PhD Invites Lindsay LOHAN Friends To His Myspace Central In Order To Reach 5,000 For Christmas, The Epilogue Of His LA Week Tomorrow Could Be More Than Positive!" Dr. Fred Vidal Log has more visitors than ever! Thanks to my Lindsay who is my angel and my heart, a beautiful Lady! (signed: US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal)! The Hollywood Tea Party is ready to be your Party everywhere in America with so many projects available online and on location for a perfect organization inspired by the great vision of its President, Mr. Luke Vincent, a pure Grassroots Politician of our Country and Provinces who decided to propose a new deal like Roosevelt did in the 1930's to prevent the crisis to go further, then the War happened and the Nazis lost their power worldwide! Vote Luke for a best of the INTERVSION decade right now on Ping and Facebook (so many SOCIAL MEDIA sites are also involved!)!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 Connected to the tea party platform that is a good example of a party's project to be a possible 3rd Presidential Party in 2012 with a candidate competitor of Obama and Palin, there is the Luke Vincent's project of a Monarchy in America with Provinces like in Canada and a Tea Movement deciding of the laws by referendum but not only, with the promotion of the Counties in our Country that would stay the most important State of the World, inspired by the Roman Empire of the ancient times! I am supporting this Hollywood Tea Party vision of the reform of the USA, like I support every upgrade of the economy that is more important than democracy according to the HTP, even if Democracy is the Motto of my PRESIDENTIAL PARTY, ready to be in Desmoines in January 2012, with me as the Presidential candidate, inviting the Tea party to be a part of my ticket's coalition by giving me the opportunity to chose a vice-president in its population of activists for more American Glory! Brittany Craven is PATRICIA HUNTER for the FRENCH COP! The Choice of TIMEFRAMES LLC is the splendid surprise of this Year's beginning! Frederic Vidal will be VINCE SAUVAN, a Leader of the Free World with his wife (Patricia) doing her best to be her ALTER EGO! 2 meaning 1 and a Team being DARKPOL for a movie's working title: KGB NEXT GEN! (the enemy of the CIA's DARKPOL is an organization that creates the environment of the Pilote Production of the French Cop Franchise)! Watch the Youtube first audition of Brittany a long time ago before the filming of the Picture in TEXAS, 8 weeks in March and in April! 1/4/2011 US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal is diffusing you a brand new WEBGRAM of the President of the Hollywood Tea Party, Mr. Luke Vincent: "HTPty; CRIME? What2do. Reverse course. Now govt & courts Rvery lenient on REAL crime; Rob, Rape, Steal, Mrdr, Fraud, Assault, but bad nu laws Against WE THE normal PEOPLE are enacted daily.Outrageous fines & fees & licences & travel restrictions & all sorts of violations of our privacy and constitutional rights. But burglary and vandalism are now almost legal. Our rights are eroding and criminal rights are growing. Out of control situation on many fronts. LUKE" HAVE A HAPPY NEW 2011! The Year is Now In Progress! Not dysfunctional anymore! Let's be 10's (9 +1), 7 is my number!

Sunday, January 2, 2011 FRENCH COP: FICTION MAKER, (9 pages on Myspace), the right screenplay for a Treatment of the Moving Industry in Texas, not LA with plenty of surprises and a special touch of Inspiration that we find only in some Supermarkets where Thomas (son of Vince and Natascha Heinrich, number 1 of KGB Next Generation), a SPACEFRAME, is never lost during the summer time, the summer time, the summer time! I want to marry you, Fame and Glory! said a poor man in a wardrobe trailer for Love! preparation of the french cop origins movie talks about KGB NEXT GEN I am proud to know Nicole Kidman who is a Charming lady, a wonderful Man with a who that is well understood as a Must be One love in the history! This man is a WOMAN (Lennon/McCartney) SHE IS! Kidman is the richest woman Alive after Mike Fuller's wife, a lady with a small name, a first open word to the Senate: BLAKE, 5 letters like VIDAL! Nicole K. will be a part of the German Spy saga TO BE SHOT in 11 with Jonathan Mariande too, he's a professional! Send him your feedback regarding a possible trip to Germany for the FRENCH COP saga Shooting in LA first, after TEXAS, concerning French Cop, a Cannes INTERVISION Film Festival obliged Guest! LET'S BE DIGITAL, 8 years after Lucas and his STAR WARS part II - Attack of the Clones! Tom Cruise aka Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is one of the most important Producers and Visionary Men in TIMEFRAMES aka Hollywood (a name given by me, signing Mike Fuller, to the capitale of the INTERVISION Industry)! I am a Tom Cruise myself because I believe in SCIENTOLOGY that I criticized last year for a good reason: a bad coordination team and the worst employees ever at the Celebrity Center on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, but MORE than Tom Cruise who is also a busy DAD! Holmes doesn't matter and I have enough time to see that you're interested by my story of a KGB Next Gen in his Movie (Knight and Day) and mine (KGB Next Gen, working title of FRENCH COP: First Fight!). Do we have the same Screenwriter? Or do we need to work together? I will give you the reply NEXT Week with a Better Wegbram Universe than today, the second day of January of the year 2011, a day of huge events upcoming anyway and massive webgrams for the People! PROGRAM: The French Cop FIRSTQUEL (before 2 sequels and many spinoffs, German Spy, a crossover, Velvet Eyes, and a prequel: 7 stories about women, plus a postquel: the Past Machine-Parallel People, a 2 parts film) will have this year the following agenda: - January: end of development, - February: PRE-PRODUCTION, a definitive one, - March: 8 months of filming on location in Texas (6 weeks) and LA (2 weeks), continuing in April. "I have a voice with an accent that is not French but I will have a first speaking role, as a producer, co-director and Screen Actors Guild Celebrity thanks to you guys on the WebGram (Web 2) in this movie FRENCH COP as the Lead of the Leads, VINCE SAUVAN, the greatest secret agent of all times, a KGB Next Gen Spy who was CIA before to be in the secret French service! Bye Past, Welcome Glam and Cameras!" US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal, January 2, 2010 (regarding politics, my lawyer is doing a conplaint again st Barbara Boxer Unlawful Senator this Month for Corruption, harassment against me and Human Trafficking (I lost 44 signatures because of her, a dangerous old woman in love with Las Vegas and New York for Mafia deals, I suppose, Buzz!!!!!!!) US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal: "Steele won't be a good president of the United States if he is elected one day, he will be a poor president of the States without Union! We are REPUBLICANS with a Flag that need more stars and a Monarchy that will be a Federal one without a Vice-President but 5 co-presidents, I'm writing about the Republican Party if they want me back one day before 2012! READ THE NEWS: Gentry Collins Drops Bid for Republican National Committee Chairman - The Tea Party of Hollywood (President: Luke Vincent, motto: ON LOCATION, Elevate Man and Restore Earth) is proposing an organization of Hollywood as a real CITY like Beverly Hills, connected to an upgrade of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (CEO: Leron Gubler, possible mayor of the new City one day if Barack Obama and his 'secretary of the arts' wife stops harassing me and him with B. Boxer and the Spielberg gang of human trafficking filmmakers) after its dissolution and its 2nd creation as a nonprofit CORPORATION independent of the US Chamber of Commerce! The US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal (Hollywood Tea Party secretary and President of TIMEFRAMES LLC, the new leader of the INTERVISION industry, motto: DIGITAL ONLY, work more with less stress) is supporting this project as a part of his Program for the Modernization of the Hollywood Sign Area and an improvement of the real estate domain of HOLLYWOODLAND! I have a lot of ambition for the T and I think Facebook is the best location for a meeting with the Party sponsors meaning Julian Assange and Bono, 2 personalities that I want to meet next year, if we are not already in 2011, But we are! Assange is now punished enough by the press and waiting for a plane to send him to us in the US for a judgement, but, on the other hand, Julian did a great job by diffusing information before the Wikileaks scandal, one man can be wrong one day and right before, so let's be space-time friends and celebrate together the Tea Party victory after the Midterms election! Nobel prize this year, Bono, if he listens to my band BRAMSTOCKER enough, will also be the singer of the Tea after a naturalization, I hope: we need more American citizens! READ the LA Times: 'Tea party' monitors Congress members it helped elect - HTPty; Energy: what will truly work? Not nukes. Fossils R dirty, depleting. Solar heat yes. Solar electricity when sun. Wave&wind sometimes, places. hydrogen's not real as it takes more power to generate than gained. Only frugal use, conservation is truly feasable now. A big problem; energy has been far too cheap,basically the cost of plunder. Taxes need to fix this with extra high charges on dirty forms. LUKE HlwdT Pty THE MOVIE French Cop: First Fight! aka KGB NEXT GEN WILL BE SHOT ONLY IN Digital video - Read the article on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia about the INTERVISION Process of Filming! THE FILM FORMAT IS DEAD (dead), It was the Reason of the Pornography of Hollywood! Film is a word meaning DIGITAL WORK now, Only! For TIMEFRAMES LLC and ASAP for our Competitors who are Enemies because they are Criminals according to my Lawyers! List of our competitors in a few days! Understand what Jonathan Mariande will do as a Film director, not a Dictator like the other ones! Read and think about it, Hollywood was terrorized by sado-masochistic ideology activists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I will produce KGB NEXT GEN as a major INTERVISION filmGram thanks to the Sets built in TEXAS where the entire Movie will be shot because Los Angeles is not ready for this Format in 2011! Some scenes on location in LA (end of the first part of the trilogy)! Read how the Product will be Named MASTERPIECE: Filmmaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Spielberg's way of filming was a mistake for our industry, the Intervision, humans are actors and not the contrary! The FRENCH COP will be the 1st experience of a Major Movie without Human Trafficking after the end of the Hollywood Slavery of a part of our Professions about sex and drugs! CHRISTOPHER NOLAN could be the Executive Producer (I will invite him next week) of FRENCH COP while Jonathan MARIANDE is the Director of FRENCH COP: FIRST FIGHT (Working Title: KGB Next Gen) with a Budget of $20M (twenty-million dollars)! These decisions are definitive and validated last week! See the movie on the web site of Kears and Mariande productions!

Saturday, January 1, 2011 Blake Lively, I invite her to a Party to check my love for her and see if she looks like she is on her pictures because her dog is so cute! The Party can happen anytime this winter before the Oscars! Signed: US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal - Blake's life is not Obama connected, she's a Gossip girl criticizing Politics meaning GARBAGE and GOP! Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blake Lively, I invite her to a Party to check my love for her and see if she looks like she is on her pictures because her dog is so cute! The Party can happen anytime this winter before the Oscars! Signed: US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal - Blake's life is not only Obama connected, she's a Gossip girl criticizing Politics meaning GARBAGE and GOP! Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of dog hybrids - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia INTERVISION: DAY 1! Buy the DVD Knight and Day this week to have your ticket for the Intervision and have a Preview of KGB NEXT GEN, a French Cop Organization working against DARKPOL, CIA syndicated! Tom Cruise is the Star who expresses the LINK between the past and our Day 1: the Definitive Crossover to 2020, before TIMEFRAMES LLC 1st Motion INTERVISION Picture: FIRST FIGHT! (Vince Sauvan played by Frederic Vidal ON A TEXAS SET and not in Hollywood, "On Location" is the Motto of the Tea Party)! eBay is useful to buy what you need because eBay is useful to buy what you need: LOVE for Family, Parents, Friends, Beloved Ones who say Yes or No, Yes and No, hesitations are human realities and they stop with an eBay present meaning HAPPINESS! Women, Don't Accept The Republican Bug, to consider the girl like an object, a TOY, a Slave! FIGHT for your Liberties with the Program of Frederic Vidal: MEN AT WORK only and the Leader is the Lady!! - Visit the Anti-Dictator (or bad husband/boyfriend) Site: EBAY! New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices HERE COMES THE NIGHT against the Republicans! The Tea party is about to send them a message of No-Hope! Luke Vincent will write a Letter to the other T presidents Nationwide to propose and get a Partnership Pro-Obamagate! The Gossipgate (Obama lobbying to prevent Frederic Vidal to meet Blake Lively) is just the new Watergate because Millions of Dollars were spent to stop the Presidential career of the Man named MIKE FULLER by 308 millions of Americans: the great Doctor of our Country, the US Senate candidate and next (anti-Boxer) Senator of California: Frederic Vidal, PhD! On Myspace, there is a new Wind of Change about Privacy and Public Identity of the Millions of FRIENDS who are Overdosed by the BUSH Policy of OBAMA, a Democrat who continues the Anti-Culture Program of the worst President of our History! No Secretary of the Arts, NO FUTURE (like Johnny Rotten said in 1977 to the Queen, a Friend of Myspace and Me, now)! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN (and Myspace)! Free As A Bird (John Lennon)! Stand Up For Our Rights, guys, against the Repu-democrats! VOTE TEA! Women have their periods almost once a month and this is not acceptable for the American men as politicians in the XXIst century: they have a bad trauma and are dysfunctional, potentially gays, dangerous for our National Security! Republicans and Democrats are sick of their lack of Women understanding! The Tea Party and my Presidential Party are against Women segregation! Personal Message of the US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal: "Happy New Year, my Friends! We are going to 2012 with a Good Fate!"

The Gates Galaxy is a Creation of Your Brain and Bill Gates, a McLuhan Inspiration Man!

The Gates Galaxy (my Creation) is a Creation of Your Brain and Bill Gates, a McLuhan Inspiration Man!

2011 is in our Big Game for the White House! Happy HOURS! With or without Roosevelt!

Fred Vidal
conceiver of the INTERVISION The right address for Senate is ALT Barbararella! Michelle (Lennon/McCartney) Obama is a sleeping partner of the Republicans! She's Out Of Time (Jagger/Richards)! COME TOGETHER TO... tHE bEATLES ON ItUNES AND tHE tEA pARTY ON hOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!
May there now begin a much better New Year and new Decade in this still new Century and New Millennium! The past few really sucked. Bad bye and good riddance. God help us for we can only
hope in Him. LUKE HAPPY NEW YEAR!! OBAMALOLA! cats and fiddle!!!!!!!!!!! - News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle