Wednesday, June 20, 2012 BRAMSTOCKER (Punk, Rock, Unions and Communities): My Mini-Feeling. Great-Britain is one of the founders of the United States and for BRAMSTOCKER the State of Imagination of its music because the Rock was so appreciated there since 1960. A song can change things in the universe of the entertainment industry, it is a piece of the construction of the band about a rewriting of the Punk (before and after) history around the crucial year 1977. An imaginary career is the basis of BRAMSTOCKER production of albums in 2012, connected to the past still available for a live diffusion on Youtube specially. Guitars are the instruments used to be back in time and prepare the future. The song MY MINI-FEELING will be available pretty soon on the Web. THE INTER-LETTER first available on WORDPRESS. Follow the link: for the 5 daily news (Breakthrough, Blockbuster, Bramstocker, French Post, The Noise - Le Bruit). This is the Tuesday 19 edition, an updated and upgraded version of 5 newsletters, part of the I-Letter(tm). Editor-in-chief: Frederic Vidal.

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