Monday, June 4, 2012 Bramstocker first album for the Queen Jubilee creates the London OG. Punk since 1977, London, back from 1967 is about to be the worldwide headquarters for sports and competition, the greatest of the tournois called the OLYMPIC GAMES 2012. Our band BRAMSTOCKER created in 1976 has the same philosophy than the Olympic Games: no sponsoring meaning a lot. It is the reason why the Punk movement supports the 60 years of the Queen Elizabeth II and the celebration of amateurism even if commercial sports, like commercial albums of our music must be respected, obviously. Milton Keynes, the magic place of the rock and punk movement in Great Britain is the twin area of Tampa Bay, the Republican Convention, in August. The OG will take place in July for a MESSAGE: don’t show your hate, a new Woodstock is possible. After all, we will have a beautiful time with so many medals and the music of the people in every street. Rock is British after its creation in America. Bramstocker and its civic punk diffuse an international goal of fraternity and no United States inside the Commonwealth but some other bands would like the contrary and they are not wrong. BRAMSTOCKER (June 2-3, 2012).

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