Tuesday, June 5, 2012

http://ping.fm/1YL76 4 Titles with a Rock Concept song: MY MINI-FEELING. Dracula is back. Abraham Stoker inspires directly the new gothic and hardcore dedicated to the Damned EP of BRAMSTOCKER before a movie about the novelist, witness of the rise of the vampire. This Extended Play presents 4 titles from the compilation of hits BEST CREDIT CARDS: Extend my Love, The Sea is not Enough, Ship is Solution and My Mini-Feeling. In Tampa, Florida for the Republican Convention, Bramstocker proposes a Woodstock 3 to be organized by the grand sons and daughters of the hippy movement to celebrate the end of the Vietnam War meaning the happening of a rock candidacy and the vote of a punk amendment (already proposed in 1968). BRAMSTOCKER Beta Version (June 5, 2012) Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal. http://ping.fm/xPXN7

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