Tuesday, June 5, 2012

http://ping.fm/gv7sx@gmail.com This is today the National Holiday in Denmark. The date is Tuesday, June 5. Visit the Country: http://ping.fm/0E7Fq (wikipedia: Denmark). Welcome to the Queen Margrethe II http://ping.fm/yywCP (wikipedia: Margrethe II). The daily PREVIEWS. Breakthrough: The Fast Action Force, the new American Army project. Blockbuster: Jack Reacher, the new Internet hero for more communication in Russia and worldwide thanks to the military police character. Bramstocker: An Extended Play of 4 titles about to be recorded on Youtube after the mini-feeling writing, the definitive EP. The Noise (le bruit): a letter to David Assouline is a probable article published in Le Monde in France, the land of the strange people. http://ping.fm/lSSQm@gmail.com

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