Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Inter-Letters™ #30, 07/27/2012 (Friday).The Letter I Received From The Conseil Constitutionnel Today, July 25, 2012.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #49: Bill Gates and my Mitt Romney. A negative brain and a positive spirit.
I will be a part of his campaign in the next few days as Mike Fuller wants Mitt and Romney to succeed a comeback after a bad beginning of the summer and the "dirty war" of TV Ads by B.O. (Barack Obama). The program: to give a lot of optimism to the fans of the Republican pre-candidate and to modernize the concept of communication in North America.
Because Bill Gates was the Gaston Lagaffe of our times. The founder of Microsoft did not have the knowledge to be in touch with the culture and economy of this new medium, the Internet, THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY IMPOSED BY the system obligation to HAVE COMPUTERS CONNECTED. Bill is not a fan of this connectivity, he used the phone and watched TV. So, there is MSN and Bill must have a smarter attitude to think the future AS A NETWORK.
): BLOCKBUSTER™ #49: Kafka, an exemplary guest of our world of wisdom in America.
Bureaucracy is the danger in a modern State like yours, we are in front of an Administration that is too much a library of files and not enough a living team doing government. Franz Kafka first published The Metamorphosis novella in 1915. He is a crucial novelist for the XXIst century giving us the keys to understand you and me, the institutions and the individuality, organizations and families : the weak (human) can be erased by the strong (structures like States, Companies, Corporations). It's why I am reuniting today these 3 words: MIKE FULLER ENTERPRISES, a group of soft structures (web and town) to capitalize in ARTISTIC CREATIVITY FOR COMMERCIAL CULTURE against dénigrement, préjugés, failures, obsessions of (or for) a world with no capitalism and no business, this is not for now, this idealistic and probably inhuman world, but someday somewhere else.
): BRAMSTOCKER™ #49: Robert Lion, mon frère.
A la Caisse des dépôts, il faut rendre hommage à notre Directeur général des années 80, Robert Lion, mais aussi étudier les décisions qu'il a prises afin de bien comprendre le timing de modernisation qu'il avait mis en place et qui pourrait se retourner maintenant contre l'Etablissement public. Egalement, Robert Lion pourrait être auditionné par la commission Lionel Jospin afin de rendre compte des questions de moralisation de la vie politique le concernant. Lion, le retour, pour comprendre et évaluer l'œuvre d'un grand commis de l'Etat qui a aussi manqué de soutiens pour qu'on le sache essentiel en son temps.
): FRENCH POST™ #49: 1984 is the last year of peace in our mind, then Orwell all the time.
His books gave the vision of a future ruled by a totalitarism. You can't accept this prevision, tomorrow is already known as dangerous with Obama 2, so vote Republican in November and feel secure that nothing is wrong in the USA.
): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #49: Debré dit non mais je dis oui.
Je suis très content de la parution prochaine, d'une décision du Conseil Constitutionnel mentionnant mon nom et mon action constitutionnelle et législative, au Journal Officiel. Mon premier article dans une publication périodique française, pas un journal comme un autre, LE JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE LA REPUBLIQUE. Estrosi, Ciotti et moi sommes désormais liés par cette parution.
Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal : Mike Fuller.
This Inter-Letters™ is a part of the campaign of Mitt Romney.

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