Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Inter-Letters™ #22, 07/17/2012 (Tuesday). Special Webgrams, The Internet 2.0 Communicating Messages Of Our Spider And Viral Marketing Favorable For the Webbers / Bloggers.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #41: The breakthrough of the Internet for a restart.
The Internet is still criticized by a lot of us, it is not fair. The problem with this new media, ours, is our problem: to express something new and different, not to repeat the mistakes of the others. These mistakes are well-known, they are about politics, a concept against the concept and the reality of the government - we are a government on the Web deciding for more, that is to say IN A SOCIAL WAY - and FAME, a big error of the communication without the Internet. On the social media, we speak and write about the stars BUT we don't want them to be too big or we would be burnt (our star is the Sun, our planet don't deserve more heat!). We' are not a nowhere land, thanks to The Beatles.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #41: Mike Fuller is the personification of the White House.
What about a list of possible vice-presidents.
There is a list, a long list, about the possible vice-presidential candidates for the TICKET (to ride), the Republican one-way-ticket to the White House. But What If the Candidate was not Romney but Mike (Fuller). Let's have a minimum of imagination. This could be the same people listed positively by our friend Wikipedia. Others could be cited. The decision is the obligation. The obligation to be right and to be attractive - I think Marco Rubio is not the best solution for an acceptation for the democracy to support us. Jeb Bush was my favorite 2 years ago. George is not anymore my protégé '(Iraq). So, my name on the Screen you read TOMORROW. Condoleezza Rice is on the list.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #41: The Books of The White House Are A Part of the Webbers Culture (including History).
If tomorrow I decide to live at the White House, I will be sure to have a great Library as I am already a member of the Library of the Congress (as a political and communication researcher). Books are very important and you can find on the site of the White House pictures of every historical rooms including the one of the so-beautiful Library. Russian authors are welcomed, like Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky but also Asimov are among the novelists and essayists I want to be there (not for me but for Mike Fuller). But I won't have the key. The key is in the pocket of Barack Obama and he is a good reader of my writings. Thank you President, I am your journalist. The communication politique begins. To Mary Tudor, another Marylin.

): FRENCH POST™ #41: A List of Films for the end of the old story about what is able to make a good movie.
18 movies are ready to shoot, the story boards are upcoming. It created Mangas. I dedicate them to Victoria. Dual Dim, Planet(e), Nuclear Franchise, Rosswell 1947, Mercantour, La France Eternelle, X9, Famille (The Mafia), French Cop (3 films), Mike Fuller, German Spy (3 films), 6218 Hollywood Sign, Amendment, Caesars, Blake and Fred, Bramstocker, The Past Machine, Parallel People. The All trademarked. The whole story is to capitalize the whole thing by making the opposite people friends. It is not easy because the sky is blue, it is always a question of time and money in this world except in Sweden (kidding). I like Scandinavian persons as we must be one and united and Oslo is my reason of life and Norway, a personal satisfaction (for Barack Obama also, a Nobel Prize). Close to Russia, let's go to film a film.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #41: FAITS DIVERS, we will be the kings of the TV Shows.
Je suis, nous sommes tous des faits divers potentiels. Il faut le vivre pour le croire. Pour le faire reconnaître, il ne suffit pas de lire les journaux, il est possible également non pas de les écrire mais de les commenter en images. C'est le thème d'une nouvelle série journalistique (traitée comme la saga immobilière "6218 Hollywood Sign" en préparation too). Faits Divers peut être coproduit avec un grand quotidien régional, de la PQR et la Police Nationale (ou de proximité). Un journaliste épris de vérité fait les grands titrages de sa presse locale en couvrant l'événement comme il se doit, à corps et à cris. De permanence le weekend, il écoute la CB des "flics" (des gentils qui s'ignorent). Les méchants n'ont qu'à bien se tenir. Il y a aussi de l'humour et de la fantaisie, un fait divers est une fortune, un bon moment de lecture pour le lecteur fasciné ou inquiété par la réalité de la vie qu'il ne veut jamais fuir (en achetant le journal).

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