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The Inter-Letters™: #13 (07/04/2012, Wednesday). Paul Lumiere™ And Emma Milsson™ Are The New Characters From The B Dimension™ To Join The French Cop™ franchise As The Letters Feature With Information Frederic Vidal / Mike Fuller™ SiteBook On Google.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #32: DUAL DIM™, after 6 years.
There is no Reality Fiction™ (or Science Reality?) plugged to our lifes like DUAL DIM™. After 6 years of screenwriting and Internet diffusion of its art, Frederic Vidal (also known as Mike Fuller) just signed a sophisticated show construction that is the conclusion / result of so many novels of study translating the vision of an imaginary world with the usual words and ideas of our daily understanding of the environment. A team of 2 agents decide to move from their dimension (know as the B Dim and criticized because of its lake of moralism and regular justice) to ours (the good dimension or A) for a Search and Rescue mission concerning the DARKPOL™ and FRENCH COP™ duet Vincent Sauvan™ and Patrica Hunter™. Fantasy cannot be heroic only and the story is the evidence of it: a dialogue crisis from a system of the Earth to the other, imagine your career and your family respecting another ideology and a society dedicated to results more than means.
A ticket for another dimension.
A ticket for another dimension.
It could be a J.J. Abrams movie (or a Spielberg one) but it's a little the contrary, a true presentation of the Outer Space issue with the example of this New Mexico and really American from the United States town that was in danger as a real or not attack or accident landing occured in its area in the year 1947 just after World War II. Based on a true story like any other "plan for filming" by our Studio TIMEFRAMES LLC / POST-SCRIPTUM (looking for management of its catalogue and investors), the set of works is focusing on the real personality of the creature who possibly joined our Planet without any official news or press coverage after a short while, probably for the reason he was not welcomed! If you were born in 1947, your life begins (youy're 65).

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #32: POST-SCRIPTUM is not a company like the others even if professionalized.
When I was back in Nice in July 2011, I came with my movies catalogue of works to exchange for money deals. It took a while before to make it happen and I am proud to be the owner of a French subsidiary of TIMEFRAMES™ named POST-SCRIPTUM™ that is is really a part of the BRAMSTOCKER™ (another name of mine) Universe that I am building since 1977, almost the date of my birth, around this time the Rock music. So, let's go on, we are first a France Resident now that continues to live in the United States less than 6 months a year for the reason he's European addicted by the show biz to develop here for American empowerment too. So many titles presents in one only and unique Mike Fuller™ /Frederic Vidal /French Cop™ Franchise is a special quality to reinforce with more involvments on the Web and on the Sets.

): FRENCH POST™ #32: LA FRANCE ETERNELLE™ de toujours.
C'est une réalité qui fait la fierté de notre pays et nous somme toujours en mesure de la constater. Elle inspire un Sujet Timeframes à célébrer avant le 14 juillet car il se doit d'être charismatique pour la France. Une dynastie de l'arrière grand-père à l'arrière petit-fils, leur nom sera bientôt connu, se ressemblant comme deux gouttes d'eau, réalisent à quatre ce qu'ils n'ont pas pu faire seul : la liberté. L'égalité et la fraternité suivra. Dans le rôle de l'arrière grand-mère, qui elle finit par atteindre et dépasser l'âge glorieux du centenaire, une divinité oscarisée française (il n'y en a qu'une) est à espérer car le rôle est trans-courants.

Autre oeuvre encore inachevée (par manque de publication commerciale grand public), le FRENCH COP™ se porte bien même s'il déplaît aux américains parfois peu enclin à adorer un couple binational (pour des raisons d'intégrité culturelle) qu'il doivent apprendre à maîtriser selon moi, étant un exemple d'intégration réussie, culturelle ou non. Je suis pour le FRENCH COP™ tous azimuts, en poupées comme en jouets pour pré-adolescents sans que l'on soit prétentieux à n'imaginer que des romans pour amateurs de policiers que l'on appelle des polars. Il faut s'y faire, le FRENCH COP™ est un phénomène culturel et social, celui-là basé sur le Web, consubstantiel à la légende musicale implantée en milieu syndical BRAMSTOCKER™, qu'il nous faudra apprécier à sa juste valeur en tant que sociologiquement orienté vers la modernisation de l'espace imaginaire national (le EIN) s'agissant de son étude maintenant (dans la franchise).

These texts are also written for the SiteBook:

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