Monday, July 2, 2012 ): BLOCKBUSTER™ 30: un nouveau monde. A New World. Made in Earth 1 and 2. Fait sur Terre One et Two. In DUAL DIM™, there is a permanent separation between the two dimmensions (1 or A and 2 or B). Thuis is a scientific fact that cannot be changed even if there are doors and ways to communicate and go from one to the other. This is easy to know for SciFi fans and authors but very complicated and fascinatings for readers and moviegoers. The bad dimension (B) is maybe the best as the people there are conscious of their problemes and limits but easy partners and doing well all the time, not searching to make the world better, nasty by themselves but not too much and ready to help each others. In the other dimension, the good (A), persons are fully understanding the necessity to protect the society by being fair and moral fellows and it does not work too much, creating crimes and chaos, to some extend (less than in DIM B but more terrible). A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing (édition). A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™. Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: / Propriétaire des titres et rédacteur-en-chef : Frederic Vidal. The Inter-Letters: 11. 06/30-07/01/2012 (Saturday-Sunday). DUAL DIM™ Is The New Cold Wave Created By Frederic Vidal From Nice, France Where The Two Sides Of Life Are Mixed (By Mike Fuller)! SCIENCE FICTION. Wordpress:

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