Wednesday, July 4, 2012 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, this is the 4th of July. Florida forever. Mike Fuller (Frederic Vidal): "For today, nothing new. The trio Obama-Bush-Romney is still the same old danger of a politician strategy of personal direction of the Country, against the population. Opinions are free and this system of power will be down soon, thanks to the Tampa agreement I am proposing and will explain ASAP. We need no confusion with the past and a new team of managers of the United States. TO MAKE THE SURPRISE IN NOVEMBER." BREAKTHROUGH™ Special 7/4. A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing (édition). A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™. Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: / Propriétaire des titres et rédacteur-en-chef : Frederic Vidal.

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