Friday, July 27, 2012

The Inter-Letters™ #29, 07/26/2012 (Thursday). Breaking The Law, Who Is Doing That Nowadays And Why? The Truth About The American Presidency That Governs The World In Secret! Mike Fuller In Tampa.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #48: Iraq concept of war is useful including for Mexico and...
The American Army back to the US territory after 2 wars, are now ready to prepare a new type of fast war on the American continent for the future of security and cooperation. WAR FOR PEACE IS THE PERFECT MOTTO. The principle of war as a process of profit is not fair and honest. So when there is a war, it is our duty to stop it by an anti-war action, a military or not. This doctrine is Mike Fuller's statement to build a pure ambition in the US to be more and better than the United Nations by monitoring and preventing any kind of war worldwide. Moreover USA has the Nuclear Power to oblige everybody to calm down. War is dirty, peace is a gift of God, peace and love. The Army has the weapons to get respect for the message of the 1960's and it will work without casualties.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #48: Films are the most important industry.

In the United States, the real art is the cinema and not the television that is an information source and not an art, obviously. But our art is not enough understood as a major reality like paintings of the museums and novels in the libraries, so there must be a historic time for this: 2013. Next year, all our movies must have a special LOGOTYPE writing on the screen NO GARBAGE FOR OUR MOVIES. A permanent campaign to have the motion pictures honored like never before. This is our duty to coordinate all the production for the comeback of a program of OFFICIAL FAME of the American Film Business. FILMS ARE THE MOVIEGOERS PROPERTY AND PROUDNESS must be also on every screen of every screening from January 1st to December 31st to forget the machine gun of Aurora this year and be secured in our mind with also a security control at the entrance of every theater.
): BRAMSTOCKER™ #48: For a Republican Obamacare.
The Obamacare is a concept to be improved and we will keep the name of B. Obama to extend his system of management of the Welfare State. All the citizens need free hospital and a permanent access to doctors, Republicans can finance this next step of the Care by reducing some spending and increasing the budget of the Social Security, to have the whole population not sick anymore and having a job, no unemployment anymore is possible, companies can create jobs co-financed by the 50 States and the Federation. Thank you Obama, you gave us the inspiration to conclude your program that was not complete anyway. Jobs, medications and a super-card for you and the Social Security in order to be completely Ok body and mind, budgets will reply to the needs.

): FRENCH POST™ #48: 2012, a year that arrives in a world without knowledge of the 20th century.
We are in 12, lost in a new century, into the unknown. The XXth century was great even with two world wars and we were feeling comfortable to know a deadline, 2000, that was far away when we were in 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980,, then in 1990, a final countdown started but it was not enough to be prepared for a new millennium of technologies and fortune. We arrived in 2001 and the World Trade Center was attacked then a social depression followed with no end. The end or not end? We are the best to struggle against a problem and there is always a solution. In 2013, a congress in the United States will present it with A PLAN FOR NO MORE DEPRESSION 2013-2020. Thousands of universities will be invited to create the national network of this scientific and social initiative.
): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #48: Une conférence scientifique.

Une conférence scientifique consacrée à l'Intervision sera publiée ce weekend sur ce blog afin de mettre un terme au dérapage de l'Internet vers le chaos généralisé qui ne s'arrêtera pas si il n'y a pas l'Intervision. Il y a maintenant un projet autour de la persistance de la pérennité du principe de notre média, partie-prenante de notre culture.

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