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The Inter-Letters™ #20, 07/13/2012 (Friday). What If Mike Fuller Was Elected in Tampa candidate Of The Republicans? This Is Political Fiction. Tant Mieux Tampa. Friday 13.

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): BREAKTHROUGH™ #39: Tampa Bay is in Florida but not only.

For Tampa Bay, no stress. Let's be ourselves like if we were in Norway. Americans sometimes are too much excited and struggling against each other with the goal of the Win-Win that is not accessible and a myth. In Norway, there is Oslo where Barack Obama was invited to receive the Nobel Prize for his Peace work (to be defined again). To be digital in the XXIst century, it's to be colder like the climate of Norway, a Country and a part of the continent (Europe) strangely looking like a Florida from the North with its brother-Countries Sweden (the Nobel Prizes headquarters) and Finland (speaking partly Swedish and close to Russia). So, this evocation of Scandinavia is an exercise to appreciate our Florida appointment to be an example of thinking together and building a collective reussite for our campaign to promote the Republican Party.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #39: Happiness and Democracy.

The American Eagle is the Eagle of the US Army. I think it's important to have a military project in the United States in order to get a real popularity. We are all Patriots and we obtained our Independence by the Arms of the Revolutionary people who leaded our troops for the Victory. I want this idea, historic, the most important of the other Tampa, the Tampa thanks to TV as seen as in the Midwest, the West Coast, the Canadian border, an image of a peaceful army of men and women preparing the vote with their conviction and their Love for Democracy, a word we have to study. Democracy is the target like happiness on Earth, difficult to find really but easy to understand. It's the perfection, we can be closer to it with some innovation (our communication strategy, for instance).

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #39: Democrats in Tampa.

Mitt Romney, right now, has a problem: the African American community. About the Healthcare reform, called the Obamacare, a confusion continues to be the subject of a bad mood regarding our Party. I wrote a comment I will publish here about what to think regarding the social improvement during the Barack Years. The existence of a brother of Mr. Obama in Africa deciding to criticize his bro in America is the sign that something is wrong and Mitt, the victim of it, as he is a media man and a hero of the other party. I want the Democrats to be sure that there won't be no war and, on the contrary, an invitation to be a part of our debate, including right now in Tampa if a delegation choses this location to dialogue with us in a little more than one month from now.

): FRENCH POST™ #39: Florida, our Home State.

We are here to develop Florida like Napoleon sold Louisiana to the USA when he saw the future of our Country. It means that we are the first party in America, the GOP, according to the polls, with a tremendous impact on the environment. The organization by a special dream team of the Republicans of the Convention in the Bay area is a good news. It is a choice to promotion the County and the entire State, we need it to take off for the Presidency with the exemplary solidarity with the local elected responsibles that are our hosts and not our guests. Roberts, the President of the Supreme Court, is also invited as the surprise personality who could be there for a control of our availability to manage the exercise of power. Public deciders in the US are more than a community, a Constitutional fraternity.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #39: Le Coq et l'Elephant.

François Hollande ne sera pas à Tampa car il est le Président de la République mais je compte l'y représenter ainsi que le précédent Président de la République, Nicolas Sarkosy qui aimait beaucoup les Etats-Unis. J'entends par là qu'il faut être uni face au devenir de notre pays-frère et nous devons nous intéresser au phénomène Mitt Romney. L'éléphant qui symbolise le Parti de Ronald Reagan et revendiqué d'Abraham Lincoln n'est pas le Coq gaulois mais notre rapport historique à la Louisiane et à son French Quarter (de New Orleans) nous donne suffisamment de légitimité pour avoir notre mot à dire dans la politique américaine, agréablement, sans insister mais en tant que co-fondateur symbolique. Associons-nous à l'Angleterre et à l'Espagne pour en tirer les fruits du succès que l'on dit successful en anglais, to succeed veut dire aussi, économiquement, de par la population, être apprécié. C'est une question d'image et de clarté.

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