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The Inter-Letters™ #40 (issues # 59). 08/10/2012 (Friday). My Tampa 2012 Speech For The Americans.

The Inter-Letters™ #40 (issues # 59). 08/10/2012 (Friday). My Tampa 2012 Speech For The Americans.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #59: Un pays en voie de sous-développement. Un pays affaibli. Un pays pauvre.

The United States are a poor Country since the crisis of 2008. Less revenues. Newt Gingrich is wrong when he says we are the first party in America. We are now the second one after the democrats because Mitt Romney is unable to beat Obama if we don't give him the method for it: TO BUILD A TEAM. Our candidate cannot be a solo outsider of Obama. The Country is poor after the crisis of 2008 and weak as unemployment is terrible. So we must organize our network: RESEAU ROMNEY.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #59: Un goût pour la Science Fiction. Manque de culture. Délinquance sexuelle.

Too much Science Fiction in  the United States. SF is good for good for theaters, not for CNN on the newspapers. We have not enough culture to have the necessary knowledge for a National Group to build against the evil Obama. There is a problem about SEX in America. Girls are not protected enough and they live under the pressure of the new men who are treating them bad. It is a government issue. Let's read again the Bill of Rights.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #59: Le problème racial aux Etats-Unis. Les immigrés. L'Afrique.

African Americans are the most important community in this federation of States. Africans are the real patriots here, they know what is a Flag, they are our Army of Voters to get the White House. Blacks and whites together, this is our dream that comes true and the hispanic women and men are also welcomed in our Party. They are the new America.

): FRENCH POST™ #59: Une coalition inter-générations. Avec des démocrates et les universités.

A coalition is a reason to feel united outside the notion of party. Republicans, call your parents and your kids, invite them to talk about what was the XXth century = a century of Republic in the States. The Democrats are also sometimes attracted  by our doctrine that is that is the Reagonomics and the Washington and Lincoln ideas about the right strategy for a growth of the economy and a great empowerment of our institutions.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #59: Le Coup de Tonnerre.

C'est le coup de tonnerre d'hier soir qui restera l'événement marquant du mois d'août car la remise en cause du gouvernement par Frédéric Vidal est la grande nouvelle qu'attendait les français. Cela prendra quelques semaines mais nous aurons la vérité sur les nominations de ministres qui nous sont apparues suspectes et étranges. Monsieur Hollande sortait de sa campagne électorale et il ne s'est pas senti bien.

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